Why Should You Say No To Smoking In Cars? – Car Safety Tips

Why Should You Say No To Smoking In Cars? – Car Safety Tips

Smoking while driving seems harmless at first, since the smoke flies away as you discard it out your window. However, if you start looking at the act in reality, you will see troubles brewing. In this article, we will be discussing why you should say no to smoking in vehicles, and tips on how to control your urges!

Can You Smoke In Your Car?

When you are in the Philippines, the No Smoking sign is a definite regular sight on the streets. That is because the Nationwide No Smoking Policy was passed on the 23rd of July, 2017 by President Rodrigo Duterte, only sixty days after its publication. Its effect reached smokers and non-smokers alike, so almost everyone is well-versed with the rules.

The policy also known as Executive Order 26 bans all smoking in public and enclosed spaces within the borders of the Philippines. EO26 comes with an excruciatingly detailed list of places smokers cannot go for a light, like workplaces, public facilities, and roads of all kinds. Public vehicles like jeepneys and taxi cabs are also included into the list.

Smoking cigarettes is not allowed in the Philippines

You may argue that your own car is not a public area and you can definitely smoke in it. The Filipino government completely agrees with you, as private vehicles are excluded from the list above. However, the issue of “to smoke or not to smoke” in your own Prius has more to do with road and health safety than legal bindings.

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Why You Should Say No To Smoking While Driving

You Might Be Distracted:

Smoking is not a simple act. You have to look for the packet, take out a cigarette, find a lighter, light the bud and then smoke. If you intend to do it on the road, that’s less focus on the steering wheel and more on the stick on your lips. Taking your eyes off traffic for any reason should not happen when you’re behind the wheels, so we advise you not to do this.

What if you light the cigarette before you hit the road? That will definitely eliminate the risks of losing concentration while driving. It comes with a catch, however, when you realize that most smokers discard their fumes out their windows the same window they use to look out to the rear mirrors. Smoke obstructing peripheral views has caused many accidents, and it is definitely something to avoid.

Cigarettes can distract you while you’re on the road

Additionally, if ashes fall onto your lap or your own hands for that matter, you will likely panic and lose complete control of your vehicle. Getting burnt is no joke, but getting burnt and then crash may even cost you your life!

All in all, the rules of no smoking and drinking in your personal vehicle, while not imposed, have their merits for your own safety!

You Might Cause Harm To Passengers:

It is very likely that a vehicle that features a logo of No Smoking will place it alongside a “Child In Vehicle” or “Pet In Vehicle” sticker. That is because unless you are completely alone in your car space, you should not smoke at all. Even if you justify blowing the smoke out the window, cigarette smoke can still pose a threat to small kids and pets alike!

Tobacco and cigarette smoke can stem serious particle air pollution. Even when you open the window and free the smoke, as much as 385 mcg of it still lingers in every cubic of air. If you continue to puff for a long time, the pollution level can rise to 880 mcg per cubic air.

Children and pets should not be exposed to smoke

Although secondhand smoking is bad for everyone involved, the consequences are definitely more prevalent in children and small animals. Their lungs and general immune system is much weaker, so they will have less chances of defending against cigarette smoke.

You Might Reduce Your Car’s Resale Value:

Nobody wants to buy a car stained with pungent cigarette smoke in every corner. You may be able to take your ride on a deep cleanse before sending it back to the market, but smoke has its way of infecting the deepest crevices of your car’s space. Places most people overlook are windshields, seat pads, neck paddings, and mats under passenger seats. 

Your car will be less valuable with smoke.

Even with this knowledge, there is not a chance that the staining stench will go away completely. That’s just how cigarette smoke works reducing resale value one car at a time!

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It is not easy to say no to smoking in cars, as long trips tend to be boring, and you might need that boost for your mind. However, it is not difficult to do so as well. As long as you are doing it for the right cause, you should do just fine.

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