Temporary Plate Number Motorcycle Philippines: Is It Convenient Or Just A Craving Idea?

Temporary Plate Number Motorcycle Philippines: Is It Convenient Or Just A Craving Idea?

Recently, the Philippines government has given the rule of making a temporary plate number motorcycles in the Philippines. But is it a reasonable idea? This article will solve your wonders.

A motorcycle license is now in need for all of the drivers in the Philippines. This article will contain all of the information to expand your knowledge about making temporary plate number Motorcycle plate Philippines and how to differ from some types of number plates and the right form of the plates.

What is Temporary plate number Philippines?

Nearly the LTO temporary plate number for motorcycles is a new requirement in the Philippines. People can define this kind of plate as a new kind of license for driving. It’s one of the prerequisites for those who want to own a car or motorbike.

The government has recently released the new sample temporary plate number Philippines, but the old ones are still being stored and used by some motorcycles. This situation could be one of the demerits because it may confuse people when they cannot differ from the old and the new ones.

The LTO allows civilians to purchase motor vehicles through these LTO temporary plate numbers for motorcycles. As can be seen, some of the civils considered these types of the plate number as a copyright registration for their transportation.

However, the LTO has not supplied the way to make the temporary plate numbers clearly and widely. That’s why not all of the civilizations do not have full knowledge of this.

Temporary plate number size the Philippines

As you have known that this temporary plate number is really important for those who own motor transportation, right? But do you know how it looks like and the size of it?

Of course, the civilizations who own vehicles must follow a certain size required by LTO Memorandum, produced in January 2017.

The temporary plate number template must stick to these standards: The height must reach 20 inches, and the width is 4.5 inches. On the other hand, each country also has its standard of size. For example, in Thailand, the motorcycle plate number is about P400, and the standard MC plate could come to 300.

A sample of Philippines Number Plate
A sample of Philippines Number Plate

With all of these criteria, do you wonder about the cost of making a new temporary plate number motorcycle Philippines? We will give you the answer to it.

The price of making the new license could be very high or very low; it’s up to your living area. However, it’s normally from 200 to 300 PHP as the Philippines’ unit. To our point of view, it is quite reasonable in comparison to making the traditional license.

Temporary Plate Number Font Philippines

From our perspective, the font of the temporary plate number Philippines is quite reasonable at the font field: Arial Black and in bold. By that format, it is quite easy to be seen from far away and provides an upper hand for the bad eyesight ones.

Also, the size of words is about 50-55pt, and approximately 90pt for the numbers. It’s a considerable size compared to the size of the plate.

The temporary plate’s font
The temporary plate’s font

Temporary plate number motorcycle philippines’ Format and Design

They modeled the plate number Philippines in the shape of a rectangle with two upper corners cut out, a reasonable shape and size to fit the space for charger place of motorcycles. 

There is the word “Register,” which stands for the license of each traffic equipment at the top of the plate and in the middle of the nail hole. Under that word is a range of the file number is placed right at the center.

Temporary plate number motorcycle Philippines Layout
Temporary plate number motorcycle Philippines Format and Design

Temporary Plate Number Philippines: Motorcycles and Tricycle

Many people may have thought that the temporary plate number Philippines for motorcycles and tricycles is just in one type, but it’s not right. In this part, we will help you to clarify these two types of temporary plate numbers.

It’s undeniable that the temporary plate number Philippines for motorcycles and tricycles have many similarities like the shape, size, the word “Register” above, the number at the center, region, and dealer, but they have the disparity too. 

While the tricycle’s temporary plate number has the shape of a rectangle, the motorcycle is a little bit different. It is designed like a rectangle and cut off at the two upper corners.

These all features are the notoriously typical features to help you recognize two styles of plates.

Temporary Plate Number motorcycle Philippines: Renewing Registration

One of the most useful roles of the new temporary plate number for motorcycle makers is replacing the registration letter. So convenient, right?

If you got this new generation of a new license, it has taken responsibility as the registration to not have to bring the warrant with you at any time you drive anymore. 

Temporary’ License Plates sometimes could get you in trouble.

It’s indisputable that this new rule of transportation has potential merits, but some serious drawbacks can profoundly affect the users. Let’s take a glance at this part, and we can make sure that you will not waste your time.

First, the government has required so many standards that you must follow, although these standards can also confuse people and even get a fine when they have not adopted the guidelines. Some civils cannot differ from the tricycle plate and motorcycle plate because of their similarities.

Besides, some types of number plates may challenge your virtuality, like the low-contrast license plates, the “Japanese-style” license plates, Tinted license plate covers, stickers deliberately obstructing the plates, the old license plates, etc. Some of them are a blur, and some are scratched. Some are too old that can affect your visualization. 


To sum up, the revelation of the temporary plate number motorcycle Philippines has benefited civilization. However, it still has potential problems that the government should resolve. We hope that our article will help you to expand your knowledge about the formality of sample temporary plate number Philippines and partly deal with the problems.

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