What Is Traffic Citation Ticket: Discovering The Differences

What Is Traffic Citation Ticket: Discovering The Differences

Citation and Ticket are two of the most common traffic punishment forms. Today’s Traffic Citation Ticket post will guide you through these situations.

Citation and Ticket are two familiar terms to many vehicle users. However, not everyone truly understands their differences and consequences. With this Traffic Citation Ticket article, you will know how to distinguish and deal with them.

Definitions Of Citation And Ticket

Citation and Ticket can be interchangeable as they are quite similar in some cases. You will have to receive one of those punishments if you violate the traffic laws. If such matters happen, you must pay the fine or go to court.

A citation Form
A citation Form

In particular, a citation is a written record that you receive from the police if you disobey the traffic law. A Ticket is just a less formal version of a citation. Depending upon the level of your violation, the punishment will fluctuate from paying fines to jail time.

Types Of Citations

Many types of Traffic violations
Many types of Traffic violations

Traffic citation Ticket Philippines varies in different forms according to their characteristics. To better separate them, here are three crucial approaches: 

  • Penalty vs. warning
  • Moving vs. non-moving
  • Criminal vs. non-criminal

Penalty Vs. Warning

A warning might be the lightest punishment in the Traffic Violation Ticket Philippines system. There are two forms of warning, verbal and written, both of which require no finance or court-related issue.

Subsequently, the police officer will decide which one to assign for traffic violators depending on the seriousness of the case.

Moving Vs. Non-Moving

The name indicates its meaning, as a moving violation is caused by a vehicle while it is moving. For example, running the red light, driving recklessly, speeding, etc.

On the other hand, a non-moving violation occurs when a vehicle is parking, such as parking in non-parking areas or close to a fire hydrant.

These two citations are often in fines and penalties as they are not severe enough to result in jail.

Criminal Vs. Non-Criminal

If a driver causes damage to property or people while driving, he will receive a criminal traffic citation. The damages leading to this type of citation include:

  • Recklessly driving
  • Driving under influences(DUI)/While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Driving without insurance
  • Lack of driver’s license

How To Respond To A Citation

Follow the Laws and the officer’s instruction
Follow the Laws and the officer’s instruction

There are different types of citations, and each type requires different procedures. Knowing how to counter these situations will help you stay out of trouble and minimize your damage.

Written Warnings

A verbal warning doesn’t affect your driving record, while a written one might appear there in some states. Moreover, if you receive a certain amount of written warning, the officer will consider writing a ticket the next time you offend. 

If you receive a written warning, you should go over the warning first. Its content includes the location of the traffic violation, depiction of the offense, name of the police officer, or it may be about the potential consequences of your violation. After that, please return to the police station, where they will remove your citation from your record. 

Some might be wondering about the traffic violation ticket prices in the case of a written warning. But there’s no need to be worried, as both verbal and written warnings don’t result in fines or penalties. It simply reminds you that this action is wrong, and you will receive a harder punishment in the next relapse. 

However, if you receive a lot of written warnings, your insurance rate might rise.

Criminal Violations

Criminal violation is the heaviest punishment on this list. It means you might have conducted one of these acts: Driving without insurance or a valid license, driving under the influence/while intoxicated. This traffic violation ticket cost you an arraignment, where you will find out the charges against you. In this case, you have three options at that moment: 

  • Plead guilty
  • Plead not guilty
  • Explore other legal options

Citations Effects On A Motor Vehicle Record

Traffic Citation Ticket Cebu
Traffic Citation Ticket Cebu

The act of going against the traffic law will show up in one’s motor vehicle record (MVR) if one commits the act. While considering your insurance purchase, the insurance company will view your MVR. According to the bad record on your MVR, they will require you to pay more for the insurance.

How to remove the citation out of your MVR also depends on where you get the ticket. You can follow some tips below:

  • Enrolling in a traffic course
  • Mitigation
  • Contact local authorities

The Duration Of Citation

Temporary effects on minor violations
Temporary effects on minor violations

Traffic citations don’t stay forever on your MVR. When checking your MVR, insurers only check back 3-5 years. Therefore, minor violations only have temporary effects. But if you cause a serious violation or do not pay a ticket, you will get a criminal record. This record will have a life-long effect on your MVR and insurance rates.

Criminal records also have a negative influence on your social background, making your life more difficult. It often affects you badly in your career or if you ever want to adopt a child. Though a citation on your MVR is bad, most states will give you a chance to delete a stain in your record.

Depending on the states you apply to, the eligibility and process of expungement can vary. Still, if you carry out the right procedure, the violation will be expunged from your record forever.

In some cases, depending on your jurisdictions, the violation that expunged from your criminal record may still exist on your driving record. In addition, your insurance rates will still increase if insurers notice your violation even if you have already removed it or they are aware of your conviction before you do so.


Many people participating in traffic don’t know the differences between traffic citation and ticket. They pay little to no attention to these punishments until they have to deal with them. Thus, understanding these terms will help you quickly and wisely react to such situations. 

We hope that our Traffic Citation Ticket post is informative and useful to you. Besides, being careful and paying attention to not violating traffic laws are always the best options.

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