Road Signs In The Philippines And Their Meanings You Need To Know

Road Signs In The Philippines And Their Meanings You Need To Know

How well-versed are you in the standard road signs in the Philippines and their meanings? Continue reading to learn more about traffic laws in this country!

There are currently eight different types of road safety signs, each with its own set of definitions. They are all vital, and drivers in the Philippines must memorize these functions to drive legally.

Philmotorlaw will soon provide you with a complete guide of these eight different types of road signs in the Philippines and their meanings as below. 

List Of Road Signs And Their Meanings In The Philippines

The types of road signs in the Philippines are regulated and standardized by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), and they all have a minor influence on Australian and US signs.

Road signs in the Philippines seem quite different from those of other countries around the world. If you plan to go to the Philippines to travel or work, learn as much about the signs as possible. Since the traffic system and the number of signs in the Philippines are numerous, having a thorough understanding of each type of sign will avoid unnecessary traffic violations. A list of the most common types of signs will be outlined as below:

Road Signs And Symbols Philippines: Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs with various symbols are used to display or enforce traffic laws, regulations, or specifications that apply in a specific location on a highway or on the street.

Regulatory traffic signs Philippines will support better traffic flow management. It is one of the most popular road signages in the Philippines,  and motorists in the Philippines need to understand their meaning while traveling.

Regulatory signs

According to the traffic signs Philippines LTO, there are six subgroups of signs in this regulatory sign group:

  • Parking and stopping
  • Miscellaneous signs. 
  • Priority
  • Direction prohibitive/restrictive
  • Speed limit

The most common streets are stop signs, speed limits, and parking signs. They are also straightforward to understand. Less common types about the size and load restriction requirements.

This includes signs warning vehicle owners to guard against areas where other people may cross the street, such as children, people with disabilities, pedestrians, or bicyclists.

Road And Traffic Signs In The Philippines: Warning Signs

Signs on this list all have the form of an upward triangle and a red border. Warning road signs act to alert the driver of potential hazards ahead or the layout on the road ahead.

Drivers are warned of upcoming road layouts or potential dangers by warning road signs.

They may report information such as railroad crossing signs in the Philippines, road widths, traffic lights, obstacles, or attention to the intersection ahead, so that vehicle owners are more careful when traveling in these regions.

Traffic Signs And Symbols In The Philippines: Guide/Informative Signs 

Coming to Guide / Informative Signs indicate that a turn is crucial in front or behind an exit, especially a gas station, hospital, restaurant, airport, or resort.

Informative road signs

In the Philippines, other types of signs, symbols, and markers such as landmarks are also often used to inform us how far away we are from that place.

Philippine Road Signs And Meaning: Signs On Expressways

These types of Signs On Expressways are usually green or blue but sometimes are neutral white to indicate the direction of the vehicle owner. Sometimes, they will appear in red to announce the slowdown to the driver.

These kinds of sign indicate directional instructions

Traffic Signs In The Philippines With Meaning: Traffic Instruction Signs

This type of sign is used to guide the flow of information within a specific area as some areas will have their own rules for road users, for example, in the Metro Manila area.

Traffic instruction road signs

Traffic Signs Meaning Philippines: Hazard Markers

This type of Hazard Markers sign is very popular in rural areas because there are only two lanes and only the direction of the road.

Hazard markers are widely used to show the heading road

When hazard markers are mounted on the side of the lane, however, the approaching driver knows which way to turn. It can also show two-way roads and offer a heads-up if there is a potential hazard ahead.

Philippine Standard Traffic Signs: Road Work Signs

What is the meaning of Road word signs

Road Work Signs are used to warn the vehicle owner to slow down or enter the other direction due to construction ahead.

The History Of Road Signs

Traffic signs have been around for a long time and are present in almost every country. Have you ever wondered, “How did they invent traffic signs?”

Thousands of years ago, the Romans built many roads to transport goods, people, and food to supply and support the army.

They have marked many points at intersections on some of the ways to Rome. And gradually, different types of signs were born because other countries learned from the Roman directions.

Why Is It Important To Understand Road Signs And Their Meanings?  

You may not know that traffic signs were born a long time ago, even before the first cars.

Today, road symbols and signs have become an important part of traffic laws in many countries, especially the Philippines. Everyone is responsible for understanding the true meaning of all traffic signs in the Philippines.

Traffic signs provide the most necessary information for everyone who is on the route. They are available as language, images, or symbols for the safety of everyone.

Today’s traffic signs are more likely to use pictures or symbols in place of language because they are easy to understand. People in different countries can also understand almost all traffic signs meaning the Philippines, and do not need to read.

Road Signs In The Philippines And Their Meanings: Conclusion

This article aims to equip everyone with the most basic knowledge about road signs in the Philippines and their meanings. This is especially important to protect everyone’s safety.

Reading traffic signs and their meanings is an essential skill and responsibility of each vehicle owner and road user.

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