Student Permit License – What Should You Know?


In the Philippines, before you can obtain an official driver’s license, you need to have a student permit license and reach some of its requirements.

Nonetheless, its information is not popular with people. This article will give you details about its requirements, validity, and a few related questions. Keep reading for usefulness!

What Is A Student Permit License?

Student permit license is issued by the Philippine government

This document is an official document issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to vehicle owners. Then, they will be able to drive in the Philippines.

With this certification, you can drive in the presence of a licensed professional or a non-professional. Besides, you have a year enough to learn the road signs and rules and improve your driving skills. Later, you will join in driving exams organized by the LTO.

The Requirements for Student Permit


You need to meet the following conditions to be eligible to apply for a student permit:

  • Be a Philippine citizen at least 16 years old.
  • Or be a foreign resident at least 18 years old, has lived in the Philippines for at least one year, and has proof of stay for at least six months.
  • Have the physical and mental ability to drive.
  • Able to read and write in Filipino or English.
  • Completed 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC).
  • Never or no worrisome traffic violations.
  • Have a valid registered email address.


You need to prepare the required documents before applying for a student permit

Here are the necessary documents that you need to prepare for your LTO student permit application:

ApplicantsMarried womanBelow 18 years oldForeigners
AllDriving license application form from LTO websiteA medical certificate, including original copies from LTO-recognized medical facilitiesOriginal and copy of the birth certificate issued by Statistics Office (PSA)Original and copy of government-issued identification with applicant’s photo and signatureTaxpayer identification number (TIN) (if any)Original Board and copy of Certificate of TDC sent from LTO, LTO DEC, or TESDA training center.
Marriage certificate issued by PSAConsent of parents or guardians or power of attorney (for minor applicants)Originals and copies of ID cards issued by parents or guardians, including photo and signatureOriginal and copy of passport valid for at least one month and valid for six months from the date of applicationOr original and copy of birth certificate certified by PSA (If born in the Philippines)

What Is The Validity?

There are three things you need to keep in mind about LTO student permit validity, including:

  • The certification period is one year, and you cannot use it for the practical driving course later. Conversely, when you complete this course ahead of time, you can apply for a non-professional driver’s license.
  • After two years from the documentary date, you will be required to renew another of the same series as the old one and take the required courses from the date of renewal. The system will store all records of training courses.
  • On the expiration date or before, you can renew your certificate if you are not ready to apply for a non-professional driver’s license.

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How To Apply LTO Student Permit Online

Instead of going to the office to apply for this document, you can use the government website. It belongs to the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) and is easily accessible on PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to, select “Sign Up Now” or “Sign In” if you already have an account.
  • After reading the privacy terms, tick ​​the box “Yes, I accept”. Enter the encryption code and click “Next”.
  • Select “Register as an individual” to proceed with the LTO student permit form.
  • If you already have a driver’s license, you must enter its number, expiration date, and security question. If you haven’t already, press “No”.
  • Provide your personal information, such as an address, email, date of birth, contact method, etc.
  • Check your email and click the affiliate link within 24 hours unless the link is disabled.
  • Create a password with at least eight characters, including numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase letters).
  • Select “Licensing” on your dashboard and complete the form.
  • Select “Student’s License” on the service list page.
  • Fill in the appropriate Land Transportation Office and date registration calendar.
Go to the official website of the Land Transportation Office to apply for a student permit online

How Much Is The Specific Cost Of This Document?

The table below displays the specific LTO student license fee from beginning to end, including:

Name of feePrice
TDC Certificate200
Medical Certificate480
Student Permit317.63

The cost of applying for this document usually does not change much. However, the total amount depends on where you get your TDC and the medical certificate. Furthermore, you can save a bit by taking a free TDC.


When holding a Philippines student permit license, you have one year to drive a vehicle under the supervision of a professional or non-professional driver’s license holder. You need to complete the exams organized by the LTO and get your professional driver’s one during that time. You can renew this period before or at the time it expires.

You can submit the application form online through the government website before making an appointment to visit the office.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand this document and get ready to own it.

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