Student Permit Expiration: Expiration, Restrictions & Conditions You Should Know

Student Permit Expiration: Expiration, Restrictions & Conditions You Should Know

Do you know that a student permit includes many restrictions and conditions? This post comes with three things you should learn about a student permit expiration.

Getting a Student permit is not the same as getting a student driver’s license. As it covers quite a few modifications and terms, you can get in trouble if you don’t have the student permit knowledge. That’s why we give you this article. Philmotorlaw will help you to understand the validity of the student license and student permit expiration.

LTO Student Permit Validity In The Philippines

Student Driver license

The student permit validity is one of the things that you have to pay attention to. According to LTO, a student license validity will expire after exactly one year from the date of issuance. And you should know that you can not revise, renew, modify, or lengthen the valid period.

If you wonder “Can you apply for a driver’s license with an expired student license LTO?”, the answer is an absolute NO.

So, what is the time you can register for a Non-Professional/Professional driver’s license? For a Non-Professional license, you can apply after one month of receiving your student permit. After six months, you can register for a Professional license.

At best, you should immediately do the application when you are allowed to because you do not have a second chance once it is invalid.

Can I Drive With Student Permit Only?

Student license expiration

The age to get a student permit is 17 years old. Of course, everyone gets that point. However, students can not drive a vehicle themselves. They are only allowed to operate a car if an adult gets a Non-Professional or Professional driver’s license beside. Therefore, follow the law and don’t drive out alone if you only have a student permit.

LTO Student Permit Restrictions & Conditions

Now you have known limitations on student permits. What’s about restrictions on student driver licenses? Specifically, students will only be authorized to drive certain types, and do not be surprised if you receive a ticket while driving a banned vehicle for a student license. Therefore, taking some time to learn driver’s license restriction codes is vital if you are a student driver.

First, what are driver’s license restriction codes? These codes include two factors: the kind of vehicle and the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of an allowed vehicle. Specifically, GVW is the weight that is created by the manufacturer, including the accessories, engine, vehicle’s body, chassis, fluids, fuel, driver, passengers, and other loads.

Here is the restriction codes’ table in the Philippines:

Allowed vehiclesRestriction codes
Motorcycles/Motorized TricyclesRestriction 1*
Motor vehicle up to 4500kg GVWRestriction 2*
Motor vehicle above 4500kg GVWRestriction 3
Automatic transmission up to 4500kg GVWRestriction 4*
Automatic transmission above 4500kg GVWRestriction 5
Articulated Vehicle 1600kg GVW & belowRestriction 6
Articulated Vehicle 1601kg up to 4500 kg GVWRestriction 7
Articulated Vehicle 4501kg & above GVWRestriction 8
The table of the Restriction Codes in the Philippines

Please note that Restriction codes number 1, 2, and 4 are valid to Non-Professional driver’s licenses only. For Professional license drivers, all Restrictions are allowed.

Driver’s license restriction codes

Some other notes you need to know: when applying for Restriction 1 and 2 and you fail Restriction 2, this means you can only go with restriction 1, and it will be printed on your driver’s license. In other words, you are only allowed to drive motorcycles and motorized tricycles and banned from motor vehicles up to 4500kg GVW.

In addition to regulations on weight and vehicle type, drivers will also be required to take drivability tests. It includes vision and impairments’ abilities. If you have any problems, the code conditions A, B, C, D will be printed on your driver’s license. And you could be fined if you don’t follow the rules.

For example, if you have eye problems such as nearsightedness, Condition code A will be printed on your driver’s license, the driver will be forced to wear glasses while driving.

Here are the Condition codes A, B, C, D.

Condition codesRequirements
AWear eyeglasses
BDrive with special equipment for upper limbs
CDrive with special equipment for lower limbs
DDaylight driving only
EShould always be accompanied by a person without hearing impairment
The Table of Requiremts of Condition Codes

In case you have visual problems, it is ideal that you should bring along the eyeglasses if you don’t want to have trouble when getting a health check.

Latest Updates On Student Permit Expiration

According to the latest news from LTO, the validity of student permit LTO, drivers, and conductors licenses has been extended until 31th of March.

The extension will be applied to those from 17 to 20 years old. Additionally, individuals aged 60 and above are also available to this policy.

Due to the impact of the Covid19, those who are forced to stay in the Philippines during their quarantine period will be able to extend their validity of their driver’s license.

Under the Inter-Agency Task Force, the aforementioned groups are encouraged to stay indoors and only go out when absolutely necessary.

This is the third time that the validity of the license has been extended since Covid’s translation broke out. The main reason is due to continued travel restrictions. The previous two times were in May and November of last year.

Student Permit Expiration In A Nutshell

After reading our article, we hope that you have been confident with the questions related to student permit expiration. There are many restrictions and conditions for a Student permit. If you are satisfied with the information above, please share it with everyone around to help them prepare better when getting a student permit.

Thank you for your time!

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