Restriction Code LTO – Everything You Need To Know

Restriction Code LTO – Everything You Need To Know

Do you know what the restriction code LTO means? It’s the code for driver’s licenses. Our post will go over the basics of the cipher and its requirements!

Like most drivers, you probably don’t think about your driving license very often. But did you know that your approval contains a limitation cipher that dictates how and when you can drive? 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the restriction code LTO. What do the different ciphers mean, what impact do they have on your driving privileges, and what happens when you do not meet them? 

Stay tuned to find out! 

filipino driver license lto restriction code
Filipino license

What Is Land Transportation Office (LTO)?

LTO Land Transportation Office of the Philippines is committed to keeping our roads safer for everyone. 

The government-issued driving license may not be a right, but it’s more like an honor that they give you when giving out these cards which means there are very few requirements before getting one!

Although A certificate might seem like a simple document, there are many limitations and requirements for obtaining one. As a result, it may not be easy to know how much freedom and control it entails when you get your approval to operate.

According to your certificate, the Land Transportation Office restricts the type of vehicle you can go. These limits will make the country’s highways safer by limiting inexperienced drivers.

At the checkpoint, a police officer will request a certificate and a vehicle’s CR/OR for identification. If you’re caught driving beyond your limitations, the fine is Php 3,000.

The law requires that only non-professional & professional drivers have a permit to travel. A student permit is also subject to these limitations.

The Land Transportation Office has imposed eight limitations on your driving certificate. Besides the limitations for vehicles and permits themselves, this important document must also meet new conditions to remain valid until its expiration date!

In general, it is important to know the LTO restriction code 123 meaning. This will help you know if your car has LTO additional restriction code requirements. Keep reading! 

What Is LTO Restriction Code Meaning On A Driver’s License?


driver license lto restriction code of the philippines
Driver License of the Philippines

The Land Transportation Office offers a lot of limitations for drivers. For example, you can only take motorcycles, tricycles, cars, trucks, or motor vehicles in your license. In addition, it does not allow you to operate an auto-rickshaw across the nation!

The written & practical exams are the foundation to getting your certificate. If you desire a limitation cipher, these tests will satisfy requirements before applying with the Land Transportation Office.

The following is a comprehensive list of restriction code LTO as well as the vehicles they belong to:

lto driver’s license restriction codeVehicles accepted
1Motorcycles and tricycles with motors
2A GVW of up to 4500kg
3A GVW of more than 4500kg
4Automatic transmission with a GVW of up to 4500kg
5Automatic transmission with a GVW of more than 4500kg
6Articulated vehicles with a GVW less than 4500kg
7Articulated vehicles with a GVW from 1601kg to 4500kg 
8Articulated vehicles with a GVW of up to 4501kg
Driver’s license restrictions explained

GVW gross vehicle weight refers to the maximum operational weight given by your manufacturer. For example, most passenger automobiles on the market have a GVW of 1,814 kg. This indicates that most cars are subject to limitations 2 & 4.

These ciphers 1, 2, & 4 are for most non-pro permit holders. If you want to be a professional driver, you need a different permit. Permit holders with ciphers 2 & 3 can operate automatic and manual transmission vehicles. 

However, LTO license restriction code 4 & 5 may not operate a manual transmission car, only automatic cars.

The advantage of an articulated car is that it can take on a more significant load like trams, buses, and trains. The disadvantage may be more difficult handling and driving, depending on how you move around. As a result, it only applies to professional car operators.

Besides, you can add limitations to your driving license. However, you must take a written & practical exam about LTO requirements for additional restriction codes. 

In addition, you must have a non-pro or pro driving certificate for at least 1 year before they will give you an exam.


A driving license has conditions and limitations. Therefore, the Land Transportation Office examines permits to guarantee that persons are eligible and capable of driving. This way, they grant every Filipino the right to operate even if he has disabilities.

The following is a comprehensive list of LTO condition ciphers as well as their requirement:

Condition cipherRequirement
Condition AUse spectacles.
Condition BUse specific upper-limb equipment.
Condition CUse specific lower-limb equipment.
Condition DOnly travel in daylight.
Condition EMust be accompanied by a non-hearing impaired individual

To get your driving certificate, you must submit a medical certificate. After that, the Land Transportation Office will ensure that it is safe for you to drive. It will then be possible to determine whether you need to include any condition ciphers on your license.

lto traffic rules
LTO Traffic rules

FAQs About LTO Driver’s License Code

Can I drive if I don’t have 20/20 vision?

The Land Transportation Office does not require that every car operator has a 20/20 vision. So you can still operate with glasses on, and your condition code A approval will state that you must wear them when driving!

Can I operate an auto transmission operated vehicle if I have limitation 2?

With limitation 2, you may still handle an auto transmission operated car. Still, if you have a limitation 4, you are not permitted to operate a manual transmission car.

Final Thoughts

In general, the restriction code LTO is a new driving license code. This cipher could help reduce the risk of fraud and make it easier for law enforcement to remove handlers who are not qualified or licensed to travel on public streets. 

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