Renew Driver’s License Requirements – Everything You Need To Know

Renew Driver’s License Requirements – Everything You Need To Know

Your driver’s license expired, and you need to renew it in 2021? Let’s find out driver’s license requirements for better preparation in this post!

It will take a lot of time and effort if you do not know where and how to renew your driver’s license. Whether you’re a Filipino in the Philippines or an OFW in another country, this detailed guide will provide you with useful information on “Renew driver’s license requirements,” “ How to renew your driver’s license online?” and “How to renew driver’s license in Philippines for OFW?

Philmotorlaw will show you all in this post.

What Do I Need To Renew Your Driver’s License?

Firstly, you must have a valid driver’s license that hasn’t expired for at least nine years. If you are wondering “How to renew driving license after expiry?”, the answer is “No”.

It is eligible for renewal if your license has expired for above ten years. However, licenses that have been suspended for more than two years (but not more than ten years) can also be renewed, but they must satisfy the theoretical and practical requirements.

How To Renew Driver’s License In Advance

Renew Driver’s License: Requirements

Required documents for renewal driver’s license include:

  • Driver’s License Application Form (Fully Completed) (ADL).
  • Original driver’s license (Non-Professional or Professional).
  • Original and photocopy of every government-issued ID with the applicant’s picture and signature.
  • If you’re employed, you’ll need your TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number).
  • Certificate of medical assessment (only available online/electronic transmission).

Be mindful that only medical credentials from an LTO-accredited clinic or specialist can be accepted. You should have a medical certificate a few days before the filing deadline to save time.

The medical certificate costs between 400 to 450 PHP and valid for two (2) months. Moreover, the medical exam only tests/measures your vision, blood pressure, and general medical status; no urine or stool tests are needed.

Even though the clinic is responsible for electronically sending the certificate to the LTO, patients will also receive a hard copy, which they must present for review on the day of their form filing.

For anyone whose driver’s licenses have been suspended for more than two years, prepare documents certifying passing the analytical and practical driving examinations.

Renew driving license in the Philippines

Renew Driver’s License: Fees

  • PHP 585 (Pro & Non-Pro) for License Fee
  • For a period of one day to one year, the penalty fee is PHP 75.
  • For more than one year or two years, the penalty fee is PHP 150.
  • Penalty Fee: PHP 225 for more than two years expired.
  • PHP 67.63 for a computer fee.
  • Application fee (if more than two years have passed) – PHP 100.
  • Additional Computer Fee – PHP 67.63 (for more than two years expired)

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How To Renew Your Driver’s License In The Philippines: Step By Step

Step 1:

Submit the documents to the person in charge of all of the records and conditions (typically on window 1).

The delegated LTO staff will review your records and specifications, which will take some time.

Step 2:

Approach the photo booth as prompted. It’s best to prepare for the photoshoot ahead of time; comb your hair, clean your face to ensure a clear and good-looking license shot.

Step 3:

Following this, you must pay the necessary fees and wait for your name to be called. It’s also a smart idea to plan the exact number or a near approximation of it.

Step 4:

Wait for your freshly printed driver’s license card, receipt, and expired card to be issued. They will ask you to write your name and signature on a releasing document for record-keeping purposes.

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Renewal Your Driver’s License: Useful Notes

Before you get into “How to renew driver’s license lto” in the Philippines, let’s go through some helpful hints to keep in mind before visiting your nearest LTO driver’s license renewal center.

  • Keep track of the expiration time of your driver’s license. This information is shown at the front of the card and on the final driver’s license receipt.
  • Since there are usually many people in LTO offices or recycling centers, plan your LTO appointment ahead of time. Besides, you should even make an appointment online to get your driver’s license renewed as quickly as possible.
  • For photocopy facilities, bring loose change.
  • Bring a bottle of water, a handkerchief, or even an extra shirt.
  • If you have an online calendar, arrive on time as you will never know what will happen during the day.
  • If you’ve begun the procedure, don’t leave the building or get too far away from the allocated LTO staff because you could miss their declaration.
  • Try your best to avoid fixers at all costs as there are cases of fixers gaining access to the LTO office. Ensure that the person you’re speaking with is an official LTO employee.
  • Ensure to renew your license at least a few months before it expires, as this will help you save time and avoid a lot of tension.
  • If you don’t want to meet face to face with people due to the pandemic Covid-19, you can renew your license online by following section below.

Driver’s License Renewal Online: How To Renew Driver’s License Online Philippines?

If you lack time, “Can u renew driver license online?” The answer is YES; You can access the process on the internet. As a result, the Philippine Land Transportation Office has worked to make it possible to upgrade a driver’s license online.

This system aims to minimize waiting times and provide comfort for their customers. Hence, you can prevent yourself from waiting too long in some crowded LTO branches and renewal centers.

The front page of the LTO online services portal

We can say that submitting online is the most effective and time-saving way as the LTO can further streamline their overall driver’s license application procedures and protocols.

To find out more on “How to renew driver’s license online?”, you can access the official website of the LTO online services and follow the introduction.

How To Renew Driver’s License 2021: Last Word

We hope that our article can help you answer the questions “What is renew driver’s license requirements?” “How to renew driver’s license in the Philippines?” and “How to renew a driver’s license online.” In general, the process of renewing a driver’s license is quite simple and quick. But please read carefully the notes and procedures we describe above to implement the timely renewal of the driver’s license.

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