Penalties for Traffic Violations – Not Simple Like We Thought

Penalties for Traffic Violations – Not Simple Like We Thought


Driving in the Philippines is not very simple, as many people said because there are some small rules you have to pay attention to. Unlike in some other countries, the police in the Philippines may penalize you only because you accidentally violate some little mistakes in traffic. Therefore, a deep understanding of Penalties for traffic violations in the Philippines can help you avoid unexpected situations. Let’s find out what they are!

List of Most Common Penalties for Traffic Violations

Illegal Parking

If a sign reads NO PARKING, you cannot stop your car on the side of the road. Additionally, these signs will punish drivers for parking without it being explicit permission first.

On the other hand, parking is still allowed on a public street unless there’s a No Parking sign and it’s not a private road. Parking on private roads is still available, but the parking restrictions of that particular street should be met.

There are two types of parking fines. The first type is a charge of Php 200 per violation, and the second type of fine will be towed away with the violator fined Php 500 for the three first offenses.

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Truck Ban

This policy covers every lighter-than-4,500-kilogram with more than six tires of motor vehicles. Therefore, vehicles over 4,500 kg will not be affected by the truck ban.

Here are some rules in this law.

  • This type of vehicle includes those specifically registered to an agency, government office, or unit.
  • Ambulances and firetrucks are other vehicles that are not limited by this rule.
  • If the road conditions are good, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will dispense with penalties.

The most important thing is that any vehicle (not included in the list mentioned above) breaking this truck ban will be fined Php 2,000.

Reckless Driving

It is never okay to drive recklessly and without regard for your safety or others. Your car could cause much harm because of carelessness. No one should ever drive unsafely, whether under normal conditions or in an emergency.

Both LTO and MMDA have the right to fine you whenever you accidentally violate this law. But they will fine you differently depending on the severity of the way you drive. The Land Transportation Office in the Philippines will fine from 1,000 Php up to 5,000 Php, while the MMDA can penalize the violators from 500 Php to 1,000 Php. 

Ignoring Traffic Signs

Following the traffic signs and leaving space for other people when joining the traffic is necessary. Because these signs are important with instructions or warnings. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow what they say.

It is risky to break the law by not complying with traffic rules, as enforcing these can cost up to P150. With 44,433 violations this year alone, breaking these rules was one of the most committed offenses.


Now, you can be confident when driving in the Philippines without worrying about violating some little common penalties for traffic violations in this country. However, you should always join the traffic as carefully as possible to avoid accidents.

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