All Information about OFW Driver’s License Renewal

All Information about OFW Driver’s License Renewal

Obtaining a Philippine driver’s license is a relatively simple process, but adding a few thousand miles to the equation necessitates additional steps. If they are asked to renew, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) do not need to book tickets or fly back to their home country. So, the article will explain to you all information about OFW Driver’s license renewal.

Who is Eligible to Renew an LTO Driver’s License?

Filipinos living abroad who already have a license in the Philippines can renew it through authorized representatives in the country. This capability was enabled by an amendment to Land Transport Office (LTO) administrative order No. 88-002 (November 1988), which was later expanded by administrative order RIB-2007-011 (A.O. RIB number 2007-011).

If you meet the following eligibility requirements, you can renew your driver’s license:

  • Firstly, You must have a valid driver’s license that has not expired for at least 9 years. Those who have had their student permit expired for ten years or more are no longer eligible for renewal and must start over. A license that has been inactive for more than two years (but not more than ten years) may still apply for an extension, but must pass a theory and practice test.
  • Secondly, you must complete the Comprehensive Driving Education Program and pass the corresponding validation exam, which will be required for all motorists renewing their driver’s license beginning May 28, 2021. Because a CDE certificate is the primary requirement for renewing your driver’s license, you cannot renew your license with an LTO unless you already have one.
OFW driver’s license renewal Philippines information

Until now, the LTO only allowed Filipinos living abroad to renew their licenses. This means that existing license holders who are due for renewal can use the LTO’s service as long as they meet the renewal requirements.

Important required documents for OFW driver’s license renewal Philippines

An authorized representative of the applicant must present the following documents:

For renewal, the authorized representative must personally present the following requirements to the LTO, the National Capital Region Licensing Division Central Office (NCR), or any outside LTO Licensing Office/Center Metro Manila:

  • The employment certificate of the licensee;
  • A copy of your passport (first page, visa, and departure page in the Philippines, as well as your most recent arrival abroad);
  • Authorized representative’s power of attorney
  • A duplicate of your driver’s license;
  • If applicable, a driver’s license receipt (DLR)

How to get driver’s license in Philippines for OFW?

So, the driver’s license will be verified by the issuance of a driver’s license receipt (DLR), which will be treated as a temporary driver’s license (TDL). The licensee must appear at the same LTO Office where the renewal is made within thirty days of his/ her arrival in the Philippines to take a photo and submit the following documents:

  • Expired driver’s license
  • DLR (original driver’s license receipt);
  • Results of drug tests;
  • Certification of Health;
  • Card with NUMBER/TIN (photocopy);
  • Passport photocopy
Should be in Philippines and get your OFW driver’s license renewal

The relevant LTO office will then retrieve previously submitted documents from its files and combine them with other requests. The following are the current license renewal fees:

  • Non-professional: Php 180.00
  • Professional: Php 240.00

On the other hand, here are the penalties if your renewal driver license is expired:

1-year: Php 30.001-year: Php 40.00
2-year: Php 60.002-year: Php 80.00
3-year: Php 80.003-year: Php 120.00

OFW with foreign driver’s license

Here are some of the simple steps that you can take consideration when having OFW driver’s license renewal:

  • Get an authorized representative
  • Gather all required documents
  • Send your representatives with required documents
  • Back home

Otherwise, you must appear in person at the LTO to obtain your license card and make any additional requests. You must then take a photograph and stamp your signature.

Remember that you must still complete and submit the application to the appropriate LTO window. The standard registration procedure will then be followed.

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