Number Coding In Baguio – Short Guide For First-timers

Number Coding In Baguio – Short Guide For First-timers

Like Dagupan, Cabanatuan, and Cavite, Baguio is one of the cities in the Philippines that apply the number coding scheme. Read on our guides about Number coding in Baguio to find more details about the coding scheme in this city.

Number-Coding is one scheme of UVVRP, standing for Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program, is the program that the governments implement to deal with traffic congestion problems. UVVRP will separate the major roads, in which certain vehicles with specific number licenses are restricted to enter. You can learn more about UVVRP on our website

Baguio city

Is Number Coding In Baguio City Available?

The government has applied UVVRP or number coding in Baguio 2021 scheme to Baguio, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Philippines.

It can be said that cool weather in summer is a causative factor behind the attraction of this city. Also, travelers can enjoy the featured culture, beautiful natural view, and many unique types of food that are not present in other countries.

Nowadays, people tend to use their vehicles instead of traveling by buses like in the past. The first reason is that private cars bring more comfort and initiative. Secondly, Baguio city also has many curvy roads in the mountain, so it is ideal for those who want to see the spectacular view or challenge themself.

More and more people are moving to Baguio to retire as this is also a prime location. As a result, this city has become overpopulated in recent years.

Because of several reasons above, traffic congestion is now a more serious problem in Baguio. According to some organizations, more cars are plying along the road, which causes many detrimental effects to the city’s air quality.

The government started to implement some necessary solutions to control the traffic. However, there are some differences in the implementation of the Baguio city number coding scheme ordinance. Check out the guides below for more information on plate number coding and when Baguio city number coding suspension 2021 appears.

The Implementation Of Coding In Baguio

The number coding hours in Baguio are only active on weekdays, starting from 7 am and finishing at 7 pm. It all depends on the last number on the car’s license plates that decide whether they are allowed to enter the coding zones on a specific day or not.

So how can you know which license is number coding lifted today in Baguio city? Here are the car plates ending number and their lifted days that help you find the answer:

  • 1 or 2: Monday
  • 3 or 4: Tuesday
  • 5 or 6: Wednesday
  • 7 or 8: Thursday
  • 9 or 0: Friday

Which Areas Are Under The Cover Of Number Coding In The Baguio City?

Not all the number coding is active on the entire territory of Baguio. Only when in the designated areas, the number coding scheme is active. So, if drivers want to use cars on prohibited days and avoid the MMDA traffics, they can follow the Baguio number coding scheme map below:

  • Naguilian Road: the conjunction of Bokawkan street the conjunction of Abanao street
  • Abanao Street to the conjunction of Yandoc Street
  • Yandoc Street
  • Legarda Road the conjunction of Marcos Highway
  • Marcos Highway from the conjunction of Legarda Road BGH Circle
  • Kennon Road from BGH Circle the conjunction of Military Cut-Off Road
  • Military Cutoff Road Military Circle
  • South Drive from Military Circle Teacher’s Camp Road
  • M. Roxas Road Trancoville Bridge
  • Bokawkan Road (include Magsaysay Avenue, which is below Flyover) from the conjunction of La Trinidad Road and Trancoville Bridge the conjunction of Naguilian Road
Number coding map Baguio City

Baguio Plate Coding: Exemption

Here is some Baguio number coding exemption 2021 you may want to know:

Mini-buses with charter are available as people use these vehicles for field trips or similar excursions purposes

  • The government officials use government-owned and red plates vehicles to move and perform important functions, so they are free from cases
  • The Postal corporation vehicles of the Philippines
  • Armored Cars, because the banks use them for currency transportation
  • Ambulance and motor vehicles that staff use in emergencies case
  • Fire Trucks, which deliver water to control fire
  • Public service vehicles
  • School buses of LTO and LTFRB transport students in the time frame from 6 to 9 in the morning and from 2 to 6 in the evening.

Organizers in activities like conventions or conferences often provide participants with necessary documents as proof that the latter can charter motor vehicles and PUVs free on the roads.

Number-coding-exemption Baguio City

When And How Is The Number Coding In Baguio Suspended?

Through the administration of the city major, Baguio city plate coding suspension 2021 can only be made by these conditions:

  • The disturbances of many large scale company occur
  • Natural calamities happen
  • The celebration of official events that The Baguio government sponsor and cosponsor in specific periods

Number Coding In Baguio: Parking Ordinances

Not only are prohibited vehicles not allowed to pass through roads, but they also can not enter or park in the coding areas from 7 am to 7 pm, except Saturday and Sunday.

Also, there are some parking zones where drivers can park legally, but they have to pay a fee. However, the general public and tourists should be patient when looking for a parking spot, especially on weekends and holidays.


The number coding in Baguio appeared to restrict the traffic congestion in this city. However, the restricted areas are just around Session Road, Burnham Park, Baguio City Market, which focuses on many offices, businesses, big schools, and tourist attraction destinations.

Because of the dramatic reduction in the number of students and workers in summer, holidays, festivals such as Panagbenga, the restriction is usually lifted on these days.

We hope that our article provides you more useful information to have the best plan in case you are going to come to Baguio.

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