How to Get Non-Pro License In The Philippines: Requirements and FAQ

How to Get Non-Pro License In The Philippines: Requirements and FAQ

To legally drive a car in the Philippines, you need a valid driver’s license. You can apply for a non-professional license or professional license, depending on your needs and wishes. In this blog today, we will talk about non-pro license requirements and what you need to prepare. 

Firstly, let’s learn about what a non-pro license is!

What Is A Non-Pro Driver’s License?

You might be wondering about the non pro license meaning or confuse this document with a professional driver’s license or student permit. Let’s separate it! 

A non-professional driver’s license is a document that allows you to legally drive vehicles that weigh a maximum of 4.500 kilograms. However, you are not allowed to drive bigger vehicles with this paper. It is necessary to meet the requirement for non pro license and pass the exam with at least 30/40 scores to get this license. 

Non-pro License Allows You To Drive Vehicles That Weigh Up To 4.500 kg

A professional driver’s license is more powerful as it authorizes you to drive any land vehicle, including the ones that weigh less and more than 4.500 kilograms. 

Normally, you will need to take an LTO exam to get a non-professional driver’s license after your student permit expires. In the next sections of this blog, we will talk about the non pro license requirements 2020

Requirements For Non-professional Driver’s License

To apply for a non-pro license, you need to meet all the provided requirements. Here are the five requirements of non pro license:

  • You need a duly accomplished license application form, also known as ADL. 
  • It would be best if you had a student permit that is at least one month old. 
  • One of the important non pro license requirements LTO is to have a medical certificate from any LTO accredited clinic. This certificate proves that you are physically and mentally qualified to drive a motor vehicle. Besides the hard copy you receive after the medical exam, you must prepare a scanned copy to send to the LTO IT system. 
  • Another strict non pro license requirement you must keep in mind is that you as an applicant, have to pass the written examination and the practice examination. In case you have failed either of these exams twice, you will need to wait for another two years to reapply for this license. 
  • If you are a foreigner, you must present your original visa, passport, and a copy of each document on top of that. If you were born in the Philippines, you would need to present your birth certificate that the National Statistics Office authenticated. These documents are the non pro driver’s license requirements that you must have. 

Non-Pro Driver’s License Qualifications

Apart from the mentioned requirements above, applicants (Filipinos, foreigners, and foreigners born in the Philippines) must also meet some qualifications to take the LTO exam:

  • You must be 17 or older when you are applying for a non-professional driver’s license. 
  • You must be physically and mentally well enough to drive a motor vehicle. 
  • You have to know how to write and read Filipino, English, or your local dialect. 
  • Before applying, you have to already pass the written exam and the driving exam. 
  • All applicants need to wear suitable outfits when presenting at the LTO. You will take a picture there, and those who wear unsuitable clothes will not be allowed to take the exam. 
You Must Be Older Than 17 To Apply For This Driver License

Note: About the non pro license expiration, it is valid for up to five years.

What I Need For Renewing My Non Pro License?

Here are what you must prepare for renewing your non-professional license:

  • Your expired non-professional license. 
  • An ADL or a duly accomplished license application form. 
  • Medical certificate from an LTO accredited clinic or a Department of Health. 


Besides the requirements we listed above, there are also frequently asked questions people have for the non-professional license application process. Here are the five most common questions you might have:

How Much Is Non Pro License In The Philippines 2020?

You are required to pay several types of fee if you apply for a non-professional driver’s license. The non pro license cost is divide as below:

  • Computer fee costs ₱67.63
  • License fee costs ₱585.00
  • Computer fee costs ₱67.63

So, the total cost for all is ₱820.26. However, in reality, you might need to pay for other requirements, like health check fees, for example. 

How Long Will It Take To Get Non Pro License?

You Can Apply For The Non-pro License 31 Days After Getting Student Permit

After your student permit is issued for at least 31 days or one month, you can start your application process. However, you must be mindful that you will not be unable to apply for the license if you haven’t met all the requirements.

Is PDC Required for Non Pro License?

Yes, a PDC (A Practical Driving Course) certificate is a must because it is proof that you have completed the required mandatory 8-hour education course. 

In case you have failed the practical exam, you can reapply for it after 31 days. 

Can Restriction 2 Drive A Motorcycle?

There are two types of Restriction Code: Restriction Code 1 and Restriction Code 2. The difference between these two include:

Restriction Code 1 allows drivers to drive motorcycles and tricycles. Meanwhile, restriction Code 2 allows drivers to drive small four-wheel vehicles that weigh a maximum of 4.500 kilograms, including cars and SUVs, jeepneys, etc. 

So, the restriction Code 2 does not allow you to drive a motorcycle. Please remember that you can only drive the types of vehicles that your license is authorized. 

Non Pro License Requirements: Conclusion

There are many transportation systems nowadays, and each one has its unique usage and requirements. Therefore, there is more than one type of driver’s license, and the one we have discussed in this article is the non-professional driver’s license, also known as Restriction Code 2. 

After reading this article about non-pro license requirements, we hope you already understand all the requirements and qualifications to apply for the non-professional driver’s license in the Philippines. 

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