How To Pay For Makati Traffic Violation & Penalties

How To Pay For Makati Traffic Violation & Penalties

Breaking the traffic laws and ordinance in Makati will cost you a price. Let’s find out how much and how to pay for Makati traffic violation & penalties.

Traffic violation in Makati has become a big issue for the government in recent years. In the first quarter of 2018, the Ordinance Violation Receipt Redemption Management Division has recorded over 45,000 violating cases. About 10,000 traffic tickets go to traffic signs and signals disobedience, while 6000 tickets for illegal parking and above 7000 for lane mark suppression. 

The City Ordinance of Makati enacted in 2017 about “Children’s Safety in Tricycles and Motorcycles Ordinance of the City of Makati” stated that “People who ride bicycles, stakes have to wear protective helmets while moving in the city. The City Ordinance issue 135 also prohibits riding with a child unless he/she is tall enough to reach the motorbike footpeg, wear a safety helmet, and tightly hold the driver.

Traffic in Makati City

In 2020, about 180 people riding motorbikes had to pay Makati traffic violation fines, as the local government announced. The Public Safety Department of Makati (PSD) caught motorists for violating the ordinance and traffic laws, including cutting trips, illegal parking, tricycle ban on the highway, and illegal terminals. 

Here in this article, let’s find out about the fine for a traffic violation and how to pay for Makati traffic violation and penalties, depending on the current laws enacted in the Philippines. 

Ordinance Traffic Violation In Makati City

Let’s check out some of the traffic violations and fines for the Makati ordinance violation.

Peeing, Defecating, and Spitting

The number of offenders who disregard the public space’s rule rapidly increased over recent years, especially spitting and peeing at the MRT and bus stop. That’s why the Makati authority had to enact a punishment at P100 to raise their citizen awareness. 

Cell phone when driving

As with any traffic ordinance violation in any country, using the phone when driving will also have to pay the fine. Although this offense can be more dangerous than riding a filthy car, violators only have to pay P250.

Dirty Vehicles

In Makati city, it becomes a crucial problem. One of the Makati city ordinance traffic violations is driving a dirty vehicle. You should often send your car to the car wash. Unsanitary or filthy cars are prohibited on the streets. Driving those vehicles on the street can cost you P300, more expensive than using a cell phone while driving. The price for a car wash is cheaper, so make sure to clean your vehicle regularly. 

Violating no-entry signs

The fine for entering the one-way road is significantly high, at P2000. The area around Ayala Avenue, which is the center of Makati City, is surrounded by one-way roads. That’s why the rule is strict here. Keep away from the trouble by keeping an eye on signs and traffic flow. 

 Dumping garbage in the wrong place

Makati’s central set the particular ordinance to keep the area as one of the cleanest countries. The fine for littering and dumping waste in the wrong place can be up to P500.

Operating a Habal-habal

In the Philippines, Habal-habal is a kind of unregistered ride-hailing motorbike that can offer a quick ride to passengers. With only P100 or lower, the driver can ride you everywhere you would like to, from Makati, Ortigas to Taguig. Because it can weave in and out of traffic so fast, Habal-habal is considered not safe and illegal to join the traffic. As a result, any Habal-habal drivers caught in the street will have to pay the price of P5000 due to the Makati city ordinance traffic violation. 

Traffic is always a serious problem in Makati

How To Pay Makati Traffic Violation And Penalties At Makati City Hall?

So what to do when you break one of the traffic laws? Depending on our observation and rules enacted about the traffic violation, we would like to guide steps to pay a traffic penalty in Makati City. Now we give you an example of one of the general violence in Makati. You cross the traffic signals when the light turns red, which forces you to run over the yellow box and break the rule.

The situation is you have to stop at the traffic signals and obviously, the police will come to you. First, they will take /your driving license and give you a ticket within a minute. Then the enforcer will keep your license until when you come back to pay for the ticket fine. Now, if you want to get your license back, you have to enter Makati City Hall to claim it.  

Now the process will not take you too long. The entire process is well-organized only in Makati City Hall, no need to go anywhere else. When entering the building, you will be instructed to enter the right floor for traffic violations. There is a waiting area on this floor and a registered booth to settle the penalties. 

In this step, you will have to handle your violation ticket and put it in a small box. The violation receipt is stamped to confirm the fine amount that needs to be paid, then given back to you. The punishment for traffic signal violation is P1000, and you have to get to the registered booth to pay the fine. When the process is complete, you can get your license back. 

It takes less than 30 minutes to complete the process. Overall, the Makati city ordinance clears in their violation and penalty fee. Plus, the whole system in the City Hall runs smoothly and effectively, which does not cause any disturbance for their citizens. 


With the clear Makati traffic violation ordinance, citizens can easily follow and obey the rules without hesitation. However, spending your money to pay the Makati traffic fines and penalties is not a good experience at all, and maybe you do not want to come back here again to pay another violation fee again. 

Watch out for the signals, abide by the traffic rules, and do not intentionally let yourself get into trouble.

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