LTO Violation Wearing Slippers: Penalty, 2021 updated

LTO Violation Wearing Slippers: Penalty, 2021 updated

What is LTO Violation Wearing Slippers in the Philippines? How does this situation occur? Check out this article to gain further necessary information!

Nowadays, traffic safety compliance is becoming a problem that everyone is concerned about. Traffic obedience contributes to making traffic more convenient while avoiding unfortunate accidents. However, there are still some individuals who still take this lightly. Therefore, today we are going to discuss one problem which has been occurring in the Philippines LTO Violation Wearing Slippers

LTO Violation Wearing Slippers What is it?

LTO Violation For Wearing Slippers 2021

First of all, do you have a clear understanding of what slippers are? Slippers, also known as flip-flops, are a kind of cool footwear. Each slipper consists of a flat sole and a Y-shaped strap for the wearer to put their feet between the big toe and the next toe. Therefore, they loosely hug the legs but still find it difficult to slip off.

Slippers have long become familiar to everyone in the world because of their convenience and comfort. Moreover, slippers are easy to wear, and they have a variety of designs. That is the reason why many drivers choose to wear slippers while driving their vehicles.

However, are they really safe for drivers? Why wearing them when driving is illegal LTO violation slippers?

Drivers feel comfortable when wearing slippers.
Drivers feel comfortable when wearing slippers.

We all know that every driver wants to be as comfortable as possible, especially when they are unlucky to drive in rush hour, have a traffic jam, or have to sit in a tight cockpit for a long period. 

Some drivers even shared that when wearing slippers, they all feel more comfortable freeing their toes instead of wearing bulky shoes when using the pedal. Therefore, many people choose to wear slippers without knowing that, besides being comfortable, they also give the driver the risk of an accident.

So, why is it illegal to wear sandals while driving? The answer is because they don’t fit closely with the driver’s feet. When drivers keep their feet on the pedal, the strap can easily get caught on the pedal, causing problems when operating vehicles, including motorcycles and cars. 

In fact, many traffic collisions have been recorded just because wearing slippers leads to trouble driving the car. These are all unfortunate accidents that no one wants to see.

In the Philippines, this is a situation of considerable government concern. Therefore, the government of this country even widely propagates the risk of traffic accidents when wearing slippers in many ways. In addition to showing programs on TV, some called “no slippers allowed sign” were seen everywhere.

No slippers allowed sign
No slippers allowed sign

No slippers allowed signage has a circle on a white background, with a red border. In the middle is a symbol of slippers being crossed out. In general, this sign is drawn very simply but strongly conveys the message to the driver not wearing slippers in traffic. 

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What Is The Penalty For Wearing Slippers While Driving In The Philippines?

In the Philippines, this country imposes some quite strict fines to handle drivers wearing slippers while in traffic. Specifically, the AHS-2008-15 Administrative Order of the Road Traffic Office (LTO) regulates fines from PhP 500 to PhP 1,000. They also revoke licenses for motorcyclists who wear bare feet or inappropriate footwear.

Knowing the amount to pay for violating this, many people even have the thought that the penalty seems a bit too much. But this amount is completely appropriate and a deterrent for the driver not to violate the next time. 

In other countries, fines are even worse if drivers wear inappropriate footwear. 

For example, the UK imposes fines of up to £ 5,000 (Php 325,306) for the offending driver. At the same time, the driver will have 9 points deducted from the driver’s license and be banned from driving for a specified period of time in the law. 

The amount of fines to be paid is much larger than in the Philippines. However, applying this heavy fine also has a lot of results. The number of people wearing flip-flops has decreased markedly. This is indeed a commendable achievement for Britain in the process of making this problem disappear.

There are a lot of people thinking that this fine is too much. However, no one can deny that the introduction of heavy fines will make people more conscious of obeying traffic laws. Therefore, most of them agree with the application of this penalty with the expectation that the number of people wearing slippers while driving will decrease.

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Through the sharing and analysis above, we hope that drivers can better understand the problem of LTO violation wearing slippers. Slippers can give the driver a comfortable ride, but it also carries the risk of an accident. 

Wearing slippers while driving is illegal, which is the reason we highly recommend that you find the right shoes to not only obey the law but also make yourself more comfortable.

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