Lto Transfer Of Ownership Motorcycle: Fee, Requirements, And All You Need To Know

Lto Transfer Of Ownership Motorcycle: Fee, Requirements, And All You Need To Know

All information regarding LTO transfer of ownership motorcycle fee 2021 is in our instruction. If the procedure is still a big question for you, we can help.

LTO Transfer of Ownership Motorcycle 2021: Overview

In the used-motorcycle market, owning any “new” used vehicle may make you feel so excited, but there are tons of problems needing solutions. And LTO transfer of ownership motorcycle fee is precisely one of the biggest challenges for anyone who steps into this place. 

How to transfer ownership of motorcycle

If you are asking yourself “How do I transfer ownership of a motorcycle?”, our guide will help you deal with this question. The following includes five main steps of the procedure. So, let’s get started. 

Step 1: Deed of Sale is Required for LTO Transfer of Ownership Motorcycle

After you successfully close a deal on any second-hand motorcycle, crafting a Deed of Sale becomes extremely essential. This document contains all the important information regarding the used motorcycle which you are about to own. In other words, it plays a key role in the whole transfer procedure. 

Information Needed for the Deed of Sale

Undoubtedly, doing a triple-check with the Deed of Sale is never a superfluous step. There are a lot of details you need to pay attention to. 

The first part is the buyer and seller personal information including full name, ID number, address to name but a few. Next, you should be sure about the final agreed amount of money for which you can buy this used vehicle. Remember to ensure accuracy for every single zero!

Besides, some other vital information includes the license plate, engine, and chassis number. They require you to check on the motorcycle frame and, in the document, as well. 

The Number of Photocopies in Need

As for the seller’s ID card, the Deed of Sale often requires at least 2 photocopies from the one issued by the government. Additionally, his/her passport and driver’s license are also in need of a photocopy. 

Not only the seller’s ID card, passport, and driver’s license, but you also have to prepare a three-signature specimen. The document is for the validation of both ID and the Deed of Sale. Generally, it will be better for you to have the Deed of Sale with several photocopies. We often produce about four copies for the buyer, the seller, the Notary Public, and the LTO.  

Then, it is a must to get these copies signed by the Notary Public. After sticking the official seal and stamp on the documents, the officials give you three of four and keep one for the records.  

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The LTO transfer of ownership motorcycle 2021 procedure tends to become useless if you miss any complete original registration documents under the seller’s personal information.

Used motorcycle market

Everything may go wrong when OR, CR, or both of them are missing. And the problem may turn that costly paperweight into a useless mess of paper in your garage, then. 

Moreover, the seller and you have to make an arrangement regarding the updated registration documents (if needed) before the deal gets closed. 

In some cases, there is more than one person who used to own the motorcycle you are about to buy. For further certainty, you should ensure all the original OR and CRs from previous owners are complete. It means that there is no gap through the change of ownership for motorcycle

Step 2: LTO Requirements for Transfer of Ownership Motorcycle 2021 at PNP-HPG Clearance

When there is no problem with the original and complete paperwork, your next step is to go to the PNP-HPG office. In this place, you will have the motorcycle clearance finally sorted out. 

You can choose any PNP office that is the nearest to your place. This office will be often in the same location as the LTO for convenience. Then, you queue up and show all the documents as the following: 

  • Deed of Sale
  • Updated complete OR and CR
  • Copies of the seller’s ID card
  • A three-signature specimen

The office will conduct a brief inspection thereafter. If there is no problem founded, they will issue a certificate of clearance for your “new” used motorcycle. 

Step 3: Visit the Nearest LTO Branch

The next LTO requirement for the transfer of ownership motorcycle 2021 is to head over to the Land Transportation office. You can turn the third step after getting the certificate of clearance in the PNP-HPG office. 

With step #3, the same documents as for step #2 are in need. They include: 

  • Deed of Sale
  • Updated complete OR and CR
  • Copies of the seller’s ID card
  • A three-signature specimen
  • PNP-HPG certificate of clearance

Once you hand over those documents, it is time for a motorcycle inspection conducted by a technician. He will do a macro-etching procedure with the chassis number on your vehicle. 

This process is to ensure that the motorcycle’s owner does not tamper with the number. Sometimes, the technician has to damage some paint cover to check the chassis. 

Step 4: LTO Transfer of Ownership Motorcycle Fee 2021

The procedure seems to go quite smoothly according to plan if you turn into this fourth step. So now, we would like to discuss a bit about the estimated cost. Then, you can see whether there is any change of ownership motorcycle cost

We need to pay for three main costs including the legal research fund, the transfer of ownership, and the computer fee. They cost P10, P50, and P159.06, respectively. Hence, the total estimation should be P229.06 for the motorcycle transfer of ownership Philippines cost

Undoubtedly, some people are too busy to take all these steps by themselves. So, they find services with a higher cost, maybe. 

Step 5: Collect Your New Papers

The last step in the guide of how to transfer ownership of motorcycle Philippines is to go back to the LTO office for the new paper claim. The document processing often lasts from 3 to 5 working days. Then, you can go there and get the new paper for your ownership. 

With this new paperwork, we suggest making some copies and have them with you all the time. In fact, losing the vehicle registration paper is extremely annoying for sure. 

LTO Transfer of Ownership Motorcycle 2021: Wrapping up

It is all information about the LTO transfer of ownership motorcycle fee and procedure. Instead of wasting much time and money, you should learn about both of them carefully in advance. 

And do not forget to follow us since we will update for you if there is any change of ownership of motorcycle Philippines.  

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