LTO RFID Sticker Penalty: Regular Mistakes Everyone Can Get

LTO RFID Sticker Penalty: Regular Mistakes Everyone Can Get

LTO RFID sticker penalty contributes greatly to keeping the traffic under control. If you are new to this thing, check out this post without hesitation!

Do you know about the LTO RFID sticker penalty? Well, this advanced system is created to control vehicle transportation better. If you find it interesting, let’s dive into this thing by scrolling down the article. Philmotorlaw will help you!

1. LTO RFID Sticker Purpose

What is LTO RFID sticker?

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification System, is a means that the Land Transportation Office utilizes to identify and track each vehicle through its unique I.D code. Especially, this code can be read automatically from an LTO RFID sticker by using radio waves.

In other words, LTO RFID sticker meaning is a remote radio identification technique. What makes it much more advanced than the traditional barcodes lies in the ability to be read at a longer distance of up to 10 meters.

LTO RFID Sticker Purpose

You can use a wall-mounted RFID reader or a QR code as well. On top of that, lots of handheld PDA-type devices will come in handy more for such traffic enforcement agents as police or MMDA enforcers.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this amazing technology has kept the transportation on the street under control well.

Why RFID sticker is important?

After the full LTO RFID sticker implementation, concerned authorities are able to monitor vehicle transportation in a wider and more efficient method, including the general flow of vehicles and the identity of a single. It means that there will be no public transport vehicles running out of the jurisdiction.

Moreover, RFIDs can detect the presence of cars effortlessly, contributing to automatic action. For example, it helps to immediately deduct the fee, open gates, or study the daily flow of vehicles and understand drivers’ behaviors more.

As such, we can minimize a huge amount of the human work needed and replace it with a system of automatic equipment.

Lastly, you will find this sticker useful in determining criminal offenses. If a thief steals a car or uses it as a getaway vehicle, the government will easily track this car through its unique RFID sticker.

2. LTO RFID Sticker Penalty 2021 In The Philippines

According to the Department of Transportation (DOTr), an LTO RFID sticker validity will have been enforced since December 1, 2020. As such, any motorists having entered an expressway’s RFID lanes without the RFID sticker will be given a citation.

It also says that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is considering possible LTO RFID sticker violation. They include the disregarding of obstruction or/and traffic signs.

To be more specific, the DOTr announces that disregarding traffic signs will be applied when a driver whose car lacks an RFID sticker enters the RFID tollway lanes.

Besides, the disregarding of obstruction comes into play in case a car without an RFID sticker passes through the RFID-only lane and causes traffic jams afterward.

Rest assured that some permanent installation lanes will be put at the main toll places to install RFID stickers even beyond December 1, 2020. In case of the LTO RFID sticker lost, you can come to these destinations to request a new one. Just bring an Affidavit of Loss/Dilapidation and an LTO RFID sticker replacement fee.

3. LTO RFID sticker penalty: FAQs

Q: Is It Required To Install LTO RFID Sticker?

Of course, the answer is a total yes. This sticker is a must to aid in gaining more control over traffic, accessing the vehicle information, as well as enforcing the law to avoid the increase in crime.

Especially, every car needs an LTO RFID sticker installation after January 11, or else you will be imposed a penalty while driving through the RFID-only lane.

Q: How To Do The LTO RFID Sticker Installation?

How to install an LTO RFID sticker

There are three noticeable things you should know before installing the LTO RFID stickers. First and foremost, the right position for this sticker lies behind the rear-view mirror or the front glass. Why? The reason is that the RFID sticker there will not obstruct your point of view during your drive. Besides, the scanners can easily read it.

Second, make sure that the position of the sticker has no sun-block film or tint layer. It cannot be stuck firmly on such vehicles, so you cannot get the high effectiveness of this RFID sticker. If necessary, you need to cut out the window film’s size to apply the sticker.

Once you have installed it, do not try to remove the holographic label.

Furthermore, remember to install the correct orientation of the LTO RFID sticker, or you will make it completely unusable. The adhesive side is the one facing out. Can you understand?

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Get The RFID Tag In The Philippines?

When it comes to an RFID tag fee in the Philippines, MPTC will get free of charge. You just need to identify yourself and give the plate number of your vehicle to open a new account.

And each motorist needs to top up at least P500 for the first-time load according to the installation lane requirement.

Q: Is RFID Accepted In NLEX?

Autosweep and Easytrip are two common RFID systems allowing for cashless and contactless payments in several tollways.

However, only Easytrip RFID is accepted in NLEX because it is for such expressways under the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) management. As a result, you will not pass through NLEX when you only install on your vehicle Autosweep RFID sticker.

The Bottom Line

It cannot be denied that traffic management has become much easier thanks to the advanced RFID system. And it does not seem like a hassle for you to thoroughly understand the LTO RFID sticker penalty in the fully informative article above. Especially, it brings you much benefit to follow the traffic rule and drive safely.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment below. We are willing to reply to you immediately.

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