Lto Official Receipt: Sample, Meaning, How To Verify And Renew

Lto Official Receipt: Sample, Meaning, How To Verify And Renew

Below is information about the LTO official receipt (OR) and certificate of registration (CR). From there, we can explain their importance, what to do when losing or not receiving LTO OR / CR within a certain time limit, and the latest updates of no CR / OR, no travel policy. The article also comes up with LTO official receipt sample for you.

OR/CR or LTO official receipt: sample and meaning

When buying a car for the first time in life, consumers often have difficulty identifying and understanding vehicle documents. Besides vehicle information, invoice, maintenance regimen, or insurance papers, there are two other important documents that a buyer should be aware of, namely an official receipt (OR) and a certificate of registration (CR), offered by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

So what specifically does CR/OR mean that makes them so important? To help you understand CR and OR and avoid any unexpected problems in the future, Philmotorlaw will provide you with the most necessary information about these two documents.

Certificate of registration and official receipt

Certificate of registration (CR) and official receipt (OR)  are the two most crucial documents of a car, and they are issued by LTO (Land Transportation Office). It helps distinguish your car from any other car, no matter how similar they are to the brand, appearance, or price. Thus CR / OR can be understood as the only ID of the car. Understanding their appearance and their uses will help us distinguish them from fake OR/CR LTO.

The LTO official receipt sample font is always monospaced sans serif, and it has a blue background with a special LTO logo. Below the logo on the OR, we can see the serial number and the date the OR was made, where the car was purchased, and the information about the seller of the vehicle.

The area highlighted in blue in OR is divided into 2 parts: payment of details and breakdown of payment. Payment of details includes information such as transaction, file number, plate number, or gross weight. The breakdown of payment includes specific expenses such as stickers, legal research fund, MVUD, etc…

Then from those expenses combined, we see the total amount the owner needs to spend. Finally, at the bottom of the OR is the chief of office and the cashier’s signature section. Furthermore, each OR has an exclusive serial number and can never be adjusted.

An LTO-issued Official Receipt

Unlike OR, the certificate of registration (CR) has a yellow background but it also has the LTO logo on it. Above CR, we can see particular information about a specific vehicle, such as plate number, engine number, chassis number, denomination, piston displacement, number of cylinders, fuel, make, series,… Not only that, but the CR also includes owner information such as owner’s name, contact details, and details of first LTO OR/CR registration.

Example of a certificate of registration

Lost Your LTO Certificate: What you need to get a duplicate copy?

The validity of CR/OR LTO is only 3 years, so before it expires, you should plan to make the CR/OR LTO renewal.

It is undeniable that you will be in serious trouble if you have lost your OR / CR LTO. In the worst case, you will not be able to use the car because you can not prove that it is yours when you have lost your official receipt LTO or certificate of registration LTO. Another consequence you will likely encounter is that you cannot reestablish its registration. When you sell a car, you will be suspected of being undocumented unless you sell separate parts of the vehicle.

To avoid that unfortunate case, it is best to make copies of CR and OR and leave them in places you often use such as in the car, at the home, office, … You should use those copies, and the originals should be stored permanently in a safe place like a safe, a locker or a box.

However, how to get OR/CR LTO renewal if the CR / OR LTO loss has occurred? Don’t be so nervous! In that case, you should stay calm and follow the steps below to make the renewal of CR/OR LTO:

  • First of all, make a pledge that you have lost your CR / OR LTO and notarized it.
  • Secondly, locate the nearest payment receipt from you.
  • Thirdly, ensure that a Motor Vehicle Inspection Report or MVIR is properly completed and approved.
  • Finally, cite two accurate identification cards and government-provided cards will be the best.

These are all the lost CR/OR LTO requirements you should do. Following the above steps as soon as possible helps you solve the problem, but it is best if, during CR/OR LTO processing days, you do not use your car to avoid getting in trouble.

You have not received your Certificate Yet What to do?

The truth is you can still use your vehicle legally even if you haven’t received a CR / OR yet. According to LTO’s rules, this is only allowed within 7 days beginning from the date on the car’s business receipt based on the vehicle’s issued conduction sticker.

For the best convenience for you and the dealer, in case you have not received a CR / OR, you should contact the seller to update the situation every day, not waiting until the 7-day deadline to urge. Careful preparation is always better, isn’t it?

After 7 days, you are required to have a certificate of registration (CR) or an official receipt (OR) to be able to continue using your vehicle without breaking the law. Usually, vehicle vendors will supply your CR and OR to you, but if not, you can take some reasonable, prompt action for them to fulfill their obligations within the allotted time. If they do not give your CR and OR to you within 7 days, you can file a complaint on the matter because it has failed to comply with the CR / OR provision under the Consumer Protection Act.

Luckily, cars without license plates will no longer appear on the road due to the changes of the LTO, as it brings many inconveniences and problems for users. But you will still need to provide a certificate of registration and the official receipt when requested using a temporary license plate like in the Philippines.

No OR/CR No travel policy updated 2021

For the No OR / CR, No Travel policy update 2021,  some parts of the CR will be removed, such as denomination (replaced by vehicle type), body number,… Moreover, some new CR information is added, such as classification, vehicle identification number, vehicle category,  passenger capacity, max power, etc…

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