LTO License Verification In Just 1 Minute For Filippino Drivers

LTO License Verification In Just 1 Minute For Filippino Drivers

How to get LTO license verification? Just one minute with a mobile phone, you’ll get it. Check this article to find the fastest way to handle this!

So you’ve got a new car, congratulations! But, instead of testing out your trips, it’d be better to make ownership formal with the government the most urgent priority, given the LTO violation fee 2022 for driving without license. Getting LTO license verification is quite difficult for some people who have no contact with the person inside. This article will explain to you how to check LTO driver’s license verification online and LTO license plate verification online but don’t need LTO license verification text.

LTO Driver’s License Verification Online And LTO License Plate Verification Thru SMS In The Philippines

Registering a car with the LTO is a long and complex process. Nevertheless, a couple of car owners cannot know that verifying the plate number and driver’s license is also necessary. Typically for people who want to buy an old car, getting the LTO Philippines driver’s license verification and LTO license number verification is even more important!

In order to check LTO license verification SMS instead of LTO driver’s license verification thru text, you need to do is to text: “LTO LICENSE [Driver’s license number] and send it to 2600”.

For example: Text LTO LICENSE  N08888888 and send to 2600.

After sending that specific message, the LTO response system quickly replies for about a few minutes after sending your inquiry.

LTO license verification online helps you save time

LTO license number search and a vehicle’s plate number check seem simple. In fact, it will not take you above ten minutes to check a car registration and car’s plate via text. You’d better text: “LTO VEHICLE [Plate number] and send it to 2600”

For example: Text LTO VEHICLE ABC123 and send to 2600

Also, by texting, this LTO will also offer basic information and specifications of your car, such as What color; Which year; When it was last registered, Make, and model…

LTO license verification thru internet with many networks can connect with it. You can type keywords in any format like small letters or all caps locked to because they are not case sensitive for both verifications. It’s so easy for us to get LTO verification of licenses.

For verification service, you have to cost Php2.50.

Because the file or record you’re looking for can not have been uploaded suddenly on the official system, sometimes, you’ll get a “no record found.” SMS reply. But this is just a rare occasion. If you are in that case, you should find your nearest and the most convenient LTO branch or satellite office to verify it, and staff will support you.

Especially, we desire to share with all that LTO also has a telephone number dedicated to checking in a case of already available plates for pickup. If you need to get more articles of Filippino laws, access our Features category.

How students can get their LTO driver’s license in Philippine

You have to get your own driver’s license first; then, you can just drive on any Philippine street. We will show you about three kinds of driver’s license:

  • Student permit
  • Non-professional license
  • Professional license

You will start at the student license level if this is your first time taking the driving test. Then you can upgrade to a non-professional license within one month. Even to up to a professional level, you just need to wait for five more months. You can even wait five more months to upgrade to a professional level.

We will now point you to getting a student license.

LTO form of a student license

Instead, the age for an applicant is at least 16; typically, in 2017, recently, it has been changed to 17.

Let’s track four requirements for permits for students LTO updated and official:

  • Minimum in the age of 17;
  • Qualified for all standards to drive a car;
  • Write and read in English or Filipino;
  • Not use drug or alcohol

Let’s move on to the LTO locations convenient to you right after you can submit these documents.

You have to meet all your parent’s or guardians’ agreements with any identification and authentication if you are under 18 years old.

Ways to get a student driver’s license: Registration procedure

Application procedures

Before you start the procedure, you should prepare something at home. We mean your outfit needs to be formal and tidy. If you put on shorts, tank tops, slippers, we make sure they will be prohibited. On the contrary, your picture will look better on your driver’s license when you wear a suit, trousers, etc.

Let’s go ahead with the process:

Step 1: With your profile completed like above, head to the nearest LTO agency. Find the customer service window. You will be handed a number then someone will call your turn.

Step 2: Reach to the reviewer counter and give all the prepared papers when your turn comes. The reviewer will validate your profile completely. If it qualifies standards, you need to stay to wait for your turn.

Step 3: When being called one more time, you will take a photo of yourself and sign on licence in a booth which you will be directed to.

Step 4: Complete all the requested payments. Don’t forget to hold the receipt carefully.

Step 5: You are going to get your student’s permit at the releasing counter. They will be required for your receipt above.

The Bottom Lines!

Actually, an automated driver’s license verification service is essential. We have given information on what you need to know about LTO license verification and the requirements for getting student driver’s licenses in the Philippines. With the above data, we hope to save you time in getting your LTO driver’s license verification. Wish you luck in the process!

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