LTO Conduction Sticker In The Philippines – 7 FAQs You Should Know

LTO Conduction Sticker In The Philippines – 7 FAQs You Should Know

The feeling of getting a new vehicle is so exciting. But as the plate number of our vehicles might not arrive immediately or any time soon, it might be troublesome if we use our new vehicle right away without using an LTO conduction sticker.

So, what is an LTO holographic sticker, and how to use it? This article will answer seven frequently asked questions related to conduction stickers to make you understand more about their usage!

What Is A Conduction Sticker?

As you might know, the LTO (Land Transportation Office) cannot make or supply stickers and registration plates for new vehicles immediately. Thus, the LTO needs to look for a way to allow owners to use their vehicles legally right after they bought them, which is the reason for the birth of the LTO sticker 2021

With this sticker, people can use their cars right away instead of waiting for many days before the official plate number is ready to use. Therefore, you can use an LTO plate number sticker as a temporary plate number.

Conduction Sticker Used As Temporary Plate Number

The LTO registration sticker 2021 comes from LTO, proving that a certain vehicle was legal for you to use and procure in the Philippines. The details of your vehicle, such as importer, assembler, and dealer, can also be checked. Besides, remember that a conduction sticker is different from an LTO sticker violation.

How Can I Get A Conduction Sticker In The Philippines? Where To Put It?

The born of conduction stickers are for accrediting and recognizing vehicles’ assemblers, importers, or sellers. Moreover, an LTO conduction sticker verification can also help the enforcers recognize the illegal vehicles involved with illegal importers and dealers.

Keep in mind that a conduction sticker is only needed when you are still waiting for your official plate number. When you already have the plate number, the conduction sticker will no longer in used. Again, this sticker is made only for temporary usage.

Put your Conduction Sticker on your windshield

What is the answer for “LTO sticker 2021 where to put?” To use a conduction sticker, you should know the LTO sticker location. You need to stick this sticker in the middle of your windshield, and this is the reason why it is also called “LTO sticker windshield.” When you know “LTO sticker where to put,” it will be easier for your sticker to be checked and verified.

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How Do I Check My Conduction Sticker LTO?

For those who are still using a conduction sticker as a temporary plate number, they can easily check the proper registration plate’s availability right on the Internet.


The website you need to go and check is the LTMS Portal (Land Transportation Management System Portal) ‘s the official website. You can follow these three steps to check it out:

  • Step 1: Go to the LTMS Portal’s website.
  • Step 2: Look for your MV number. If you do not know what an MV number is, you should learn about it first to move on to the next step or read the keep on reading this article because we will mention it later on.
  • Step 3: When the Motor Vehicle 7-Character Plate Backlog Inquiry page appears, type your 15-digit MV number in.

Now, you can check your conduction sticker LTO.

Does Conduction Sticker Have Coding?

According to MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority ), a vehicle using a conduction number is also subject to number coding or the UVVRP (Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program). Hence, this means that your car’s conduction’s last digit will determine the date that the car is subject to the UVVRP.

In summary, new cars’ templates are not exempted from coding as the conduction also needs to provide some crucial information for legal verification.

Is Conduction Sticker Same As Plate Number?

According to LTO, conduction numbers can be legally used as a plate number when the plate number is still not available. However, the conduction number is only for temporary usage, not permanent usage. When the plate number of your vehicle is usable, you will have to use the plate number instead of the conduction number.

It would help if you kept in mind that a conduction sticker is not the same as a plate number. 

White And Yellow Conduction Sticker: What Is The Difference?

White old vs yellow new conduction sticker

White and yellow conduction stickers are slightly different. While conduction stickers with yellow color are the newer ones and were issued in recent years, white conduction’s issue time is before 2012.

What Is MV File Number?

Earlier, we mentioned the MV file number and asked you to learn about it if you want to check your LTO conduction sticker online. Right here, we will talk about it more specifically.

A car’s MV file number will have a 15 digit number. Based on the location of your car’s initial registration, the first two numbers will be different. Here are some examples:

  • Number: 13, 18
    These two numbers show that the car was registered in the National Capital Region.
  • Number: 14
    If the first MV file number’s digits are 14, it means your car’s registration was initially in the Cordillera Autonomous Region.
  • Number: 1, 2, 3, 4
    These numbers show that your car was registered in Region I, Region II, Region III, Region IV, etc.
    So, where can you find the MV file number? You can check it by looking at your vehicle’s certificate of registration. The number is normally in the box with a red checkmark.


After answering different frequently asked questions about LTO conduction stickers, we hope you already know the important role of it for the LTO, the enforcers, and of course, the buyers who want to legally use their vehicle right away without any unwanted problems.

Even though a conduction sticker is useful, remember that it cannot replace the real plate number. Thus, you will need to switch from using a conduction sticker to a proper plate number right when you get it.

Thank you for reading! You can read more article like this at our category Tips & Advice. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with us.

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