LTO Conduction Sticker Verification – Necessary For Your Car

LTO Conduction Sticker Verification – Necessary For Your Car


Owning a car means that you have to care about other related car services such as fuel, driver’s license, car insurance, car conduction sticker, etc. A conduction sticker plays an important role in your car because it is the evidence to prove that your car is legal. This article will give you some information about LTO conduction sticker verification. Besides, we will provide you with simple steps to verify this sticker. Let’s check it out now!

What Is A LTO Conduction Sticker?

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) does not immediately supply registration plates and stickers for a vehicle. LTO provides a conduction sticker to replace them. You can use this conduction sticker and its number as a temporary plate number. Conductive stickers are placed on both ends of the radiator and under the hood. It is very helpful to car owners in the meantime. The LTO conduction sticker or LTO plate number sticker includes a series of letters and numbers on the car.

LTO Conduction Sticker

To deal with the worsening congestion in Metro Manila, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) encouraged the usage of imported vehicles by providing a several-year registration period for new vehicles. 

Later, the local manufacturer’s code or conduction sticker was introduced to monitor imports. It also determines whether those vehicles were already supposed to be registered here through one of our accredited importers, assemblers, or distributors.

Where Can I Get LTO Conduction Sticker Verification?

As mentioned above, conduction stickers are imperative to driving your car legally. This sector is regulated on a federal level, so all classified transactions must adhere strictly to the law considering its importance in terms of public safety. So, you can get the LTO holographic sticker from car importers, dealers, or manufacturers. Any motor vehicle that has or uses a plate number does not need an LTO sticker windshield to display.

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How To Verify LTO Conduction Sticker

With the development of technology and social networks, you only need to do simple steps to verify LTO sticker violation. Specifically, you can get access to the website of LTO or send a text message to check the plate number of your car.

Through The Text Message

Sending a text message

If you choose to send a message, you need to follow this formula: LTO(space)YOUR CAR(space)[plate number]. After typing this formula, you need to send it to 2600. We also inform you about the price of each message. You will lose about PHP 2.5 for a text. It would be best to wait for a few seconds to receive an automatic reply message.

Through The Website

Besides, you can get access to the main website of LTO to check your conduction sticker. This website also adds more information about your car specifications and the name of the model car. Here are some steps for you:

  • Step 1: Get access to the website of LTO
  • Step 2: Click to the part “Register a vehicle via Internet”
  • Step 3: Follow the detailed instruction displayed on your screen

If you do not know how to verify it, you can read the instructions again to go back to the guideline. If you understand all these steps, you can go to the Car Registration and complete the form (profile, car brand, date, time). After completing this form, you will receive a mail or a message to confirm that you verified successfully.

Sample of form checking online

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Some Benefits To Check The LTO Conduction Sticker Verification Online

Apart from traveling legally on the street, LTO will bring many other benefits.

Save Time

Verifying the LTO conduction sticker online will help you save much time for other things. In some ways, it makes so much sense and will save everyone involved in the transaction so much hassle. No need to go out in bad weather or spend money on gas; just sit back at home and do it all from your laptop when it’s the time! 

Now you can avoid all that wasted time and go straight to the information you need anytime. You don’t have to waste your valuable free time in a government office. How awesome is that?

Make Financial Procedures Easier

Checking the LTO conduction online will make financial procedures easier. It no longer requires physically visiting the Department registry but can be done online by accessing the website instead.

Car license plate registration is one of the most convenient services and a great way to get all the information you need, no matter if you’re looking up what’s registered to your car or when your car will be running out soon and needs re-registration.

By looking up your license plates at registry departments, you can get all this information quickly, with just one phone call!


Above is the basic information about LTO conduction sticker verification. We will show you some simple ways to verify your car’s information. You need to follow these instructions by message or website to complete this process.

Also, you may read our writing of any other model on Tips & Advice to get more thoughts on the subject. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with!

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