LTO Change Color – All You Need To Know!

LTO Change Color – All You Need To Know!


You are considering getting a new wrap for your car, but you don’t know whether or not you can modify the whole appearance for your vehicle and exactly how much you will have to spend on LTO Change Color prices.

Don’t worry! This post is here to provide you with all the essential information you can need to know before you decide to alter the hue of your car. Let’s keep reading!

LTO Change Color Fee What You Need To Know

Perhaps each person also took into consideration repainting the body of their car at least once in their life. This action will not only help to innovate your car but also make it seem to be brand new.

Besides, the benefit of remaking may restore those damaged and scratched parts of your car. Therefore, it is also necessary for you to think about the LTO change color fees except for the automobile repairing fees.

You probably have to spend about Php 30,000 on changing the outlook of the full body of your car on average. If you need to repaint a part or some specific portions of your auto, you will pay about Php 5,000.

Actually, it might be expensive to alter the hue of your car entirely and lose several of your days after your car repaints. If the fee is rather affordable, you might probably find different jobs everywhere on the road in the Philippines.

With all that has been mentioned, below are all LTO change color requirements as well as the change color LTO price that you will need to know.

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How Much Do I Need To Pay When Repainting My Car?

Besides the big amount of money that you pay for repainting your car, certainly, you still spend another fee to modify the hue LTO and finally accomplish the process.

But surely, you shouldn’t worry too much about the change color LTO price. LTO forced these fees, which are normally called the MVUC or the Motor Vehicle Users Charge. 

As written earlier, don’t worry too much about the LTO change color fee for motorcycles regardless of whenever.

To remake your car’s appearance you have to submit to the agency Php 30, which can not be too much. However, you still have to pay so as to prevent confusion when registering the motor vehicle.

Knowing this fee in advance will help you minimize the risk of spending more than the standard level.

The charge of Php 30 includes many kinds of the following fee:

  • Changing charge of chassis, classification, denomination, tire size, and engine
  • Revision of record and gross weight
  • Many other fees 

If somehow the small fee is bothering you, remember that it is spent on furthering our street’s improvement.

Actually, LTC has many MVUC imposed. Therefore, you should be aware that you might pay Php 1,000 to make a modification for your auto.

What Are The Requirements?

You need to present all requirements at LTO to finish the entire process, which might be a bit complicated. Keep in mind taking notes for the first time you have registered for this service.

The list below is all the requirements to remake your car:

  • Duly approved and accomplished MVIR
  • TIN (Taxpayer’s Identification Number)
  • Original Receipt (official) of MVUC and other charges
  • Photocopy and original Certification of Registration
  • Original PNP-TMG MV Clearance Certification
  • Lto Affidavit of change color form

You have to spend money paying for other fees involved agencies except for Php 30. You also have to spend Php 300 getting a PNP clearance to alter your car’s outlook.

Suppose the thief has stolen and would like to fill another hue to your car, finding your lost car will be impossible, which is why a PNP clearance is really essential. You should get this license for sure, although it attaches a rather costly amount of your money.

The price to alter the color of your auto in the Philippines is Php 300, including the fee for getting PNP clearance and other changing fees:

  • Body design
  • Chassis
  • Engine

Probably you have to pay the required charges at LBP (Land Bank of the Philippines).

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FAQs About LTO Car Repaint

Q: What is the price of changing the color of my auto in the Philippines?

The price ranges about Php 30,000-Php 50,000 for a full-body repainting service, differing according to the car custom shop and the kind of the paint. But if you want to repaint a portion of the body, the price will be about Php 5,000 only.

Q: LTO is imposing a charge to modify the hue of my auto, isn’t it?

That’s right. 

Q: How many days will the repainting of my auto last?

Depending on the qualification of the technician, this process normally takes about 2-3 days.

Q: Will I have to pay for LTO change outlook fees if I just need to paint the hood of my car?

Of course not. The vital thing is to differentiate the hue of the main body.

Q: Which paint is the best for my auto?

Typically, the easiest one to look after is white.


Changing your car’s appearance involves much work, which can be one of the reasons that most people have not modified the hue of their car for a long time. 

In fact, the repainting process is time-consuming, along with paying a huge amount of painting cash, other fees, and getting clearances in various offices. 

But this process needed to be implemented accordingly, maintaining safer and more organized auto ownership in every country. 

We hope you can find “LTO Change Color” informative and insightful! Don’t forget to stay tuned to our next post!

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