Lost Plate LTO – Complete Guide To Report & Get Replacement

Lost Plate LTO – Complete Guide To Report & Get Replacement

As plate LTO is a crucial item when participating in traffic, you must face a whole heap of problems, even legal struggles if unfortunately lost plate LTO. However, this piece of writing will be of great help to you on how to get a replacement plate LTO, specifically if you experience this case!

These are LTO license plate-numbers

Lost LTO Plate Number In The Philippines. What To Do?

Can you imagine what it feels like when you lose your plate number? You certainly endure uncomfortable moving because you cannot take part in traffic with any vehicle without a plate number.

Lost Plate Number Philippines

In terms of the legal formalities for replacement, you can understand by yourself: complicated and time-consuming. Nonetheless, the procedure will become easy and favorable if you seize the following records and procedures presented to you by Philmotorlaw.

Why is The Replacement For The Lost Plate LTO Important?

Although most people know about the importance of the plate LTO, someone still wonders why they have to spend so much time grappling with messy administrative records just to get back a lost license plate? Why do people report losing the license plate while keeping silent and entering a new plate is more convenient?

The plate LTO is used to identify vehicles, so each vehicle is only allowed to register one plate. This item helps police be easier in managing traffic and public order.

Therefore, reporting when losing the plate LTO will help you demonstrate that you no longer own this plate number. From now on, you are eliminated from police’s doubt if your old plate is used in crimes.

In spite of the complicatedness of administrative procedures, a little temporary difficulty is also better than dealing with legal struggles in the future, right? Read more about Filippino traffic laws and cases in our News&Cases category.

Documents Needed For The Replacement Of LTO Plate Number Philippines

Rather than coming to the LTO office empty-handed and asking staff: “Hello! I lost my plate number. What should I do?”, it would be better for you to prepare essential documents before. As a result, your process of replacing the plate can take place favorably and swiftly. The common record for the replacement plate involves the following items. 

First of all, you must submit an affidavit of loss plate number or mutilation that is notarized to the currently registered LTO office.

On the one hand, you can get the affidavit template Philippines from the internet or the LTO agencies, then fill your information in the gaps and notarize this form at the local notary public. (You can check the image of An affidavit of loss LTO Plate Number below) On the other hand, you are able to get affidavit format Philippines at the notary office if you contact them before. 

The original or certified copy of certificate registration and quittance of Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC) and other toll are the following requirements. Filing the copy will be safer because your important documents as CR may lose.

Clearance from PNP-Highway Patrol Group

Other documents are accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) from LTO and Permission from PNP-Highway Patrol Group. To get these above items, you need to go to the offices to demand and wait for their work. 

If your lost vehicle is hired, you will be required to submit The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) certification to demonstrate that your plate has not been revoked.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) certification or company secretary’s certificate is a required addition when you want to supersede the lost plate LTO for company vehicles.

Generally, here is the list of documents you need to prepare:

  • Affidavit of loss plate number
  • Permission from PNP-Highway Patrol Group
  • Approved MVIR
  • The original or certified copy of certificate registration
  • Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC)
  • LTFRB certification (Only with hired vehicle)
  • The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) certification for company’s vehicles

Lost Plate LTO Report Procedure

When you finish preparing the affidavit of loss plate number LTO format, you will enter the Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) office or the LTO brand to complete the replacement process.

The first procedure is the inspection of your vehicle. You must register at the receiving and estimate counters and pay the fee at the cashier. Specialists will carry out the examination and give a detailed report about your vehicle. You only need to wait for the record in the issuing window and go on to another stage that is the replacement of your lost plate LTO.

The Land Transportation Office

In this process, you will submit your complete documents to officers, pay for necessary costs at the cashier, receive the quittance, continue to come to the issuing window again, and wait. When your name is summoned,  you need to produce the official receipt to get your required records.

Thus, the procedures have been complete. You can come back home to expect the announcement of The Land Transportation Office within a maximum of three months. In the meantime, you will be allowed to use the improvised plate that has validity in three months. 

Affidavit Of Loss Plate Number Sample

Affidavit of loss plate is an imperative item in the replacement documents, so you must be careful in writing. As with many other administrative texts, this affidavit includes personal information such as name, birth date, identity card number, address, and phone number.

The next part is detailed information about your vehicle and plate. You had better focus on how and why you lost your plate. Remember that the affidavit is an administrative document. Hence, it would be better for you to use formal and concise language. Additionally, the signature, the seal, and the date of the sign are requirements.

Here is the sample of an Affidavit of loss LTO Plate Number for Drivers in the Philippines

As mentioned, you can write the affidavit by yourself and certify at the notary public’s office or come to this place and ask a notary to prepare for you. This way is convenient, but you may take a lot of time if you, unfortunately, face the crowd.

Lost plate LTO? Don’t worry!

It’s so lucky of you if you are well acquainted with a lawyer or a notary. Right! You will have a special consultant for law problems. In case you don’t have everyone. Don’t worry! This writing about Lost plate LTO will be an efficient consultant for you.

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