Get To Know The Proper LTO RFID Sticker Installation

Get To Know The Proper LTO RFID Sticker Installation

Have you heard about the LTO RFID stickers? Today’s article will show the RFID definition, benefits, and the proper LTO RFID sticker installation.


You may have heard of the LTO RFID stickers if you own a motorcycle. However, the majority of individuals overlook it. If you’re new to this, keep reading about the LTO RFID sticker installation and its other benefits.

What Is The LTO RFID Sticker Meaning?

The abbreviation RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification System. It is a method used by LTO to identify automobiles. Tagging automobiles with an identification number that can be read through a sticker complements RFID.

RFID stands for radio Frequency Identification System

RFID is the implementation of a tag placed on a living or non-living entity to identify or monitor it via radio waves.

What Is The LTO RFID Sticker Purpose?

The RFID sticker with LTO plates is required to act as a user Id for vehicle registration. As a result, the sticker is part of the LTO’s RFID initiative, which will let the government and other law enforcement agencies instantly access car information.

There are alternative ways to send info, for example, bar codes or QR codes. The LTO RFID Sticker was created based on the use of radio waves.

the LTO RFID Sticker was created based on the use of radio waves

These stickers can be scanned from a greater distance, such as by a wall-mounted or a portable scanner. This can help with traffic control, public safety, and eventually, violence prevention.

There are also transportable PDA gadgets that can scan RFID stickers, useful for transportation enforcement officers such as MMDA inspectors and the Philippine National Police.

The Benefits Of The LTO RFID Sticker Implementation 

With the help of RFID innovation, a lot of human effort has been minimized and replaced with a combination of more efficient devices that provides superior quality.

Because this technology offers each vehicle its identification number, local officials can now track every vehicle in more comprehensively and effectively. The LTO will be able to efficiently eradicate cars and public transit vehicles that operate outside of its authority.

The RFID sticker is used to collect traffic tolls on freeways and highways in a number of developed nations. The sticker is installed directly on the vehicle, while there is a scanner located at the terminal. 

The RFID stickers is used to collect traffic tolls on freeways

As a result, when a vehicle goes through the scanner, it can be recognized, and the fee calculated immediately. This strategy alleviates traffic congestion in megacities, reduces toll expenses, and reduces the number of human resources required.

RFID stickers can be used to detect criminal activity rapidly. Take, for example, automobile and cars robbery. If every automobile is obliged to have an RFID sticker (at some point), those that don’t will stand out more.

Aside from identifying criminals on the run or engaging in illicit activities while driving, an RFID sticker may also be utilized to identify traffic violations. 

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The LTO RFID Sticker Installation How To Install It Properly?

Proper installation is critical when it comes to the RFID sticker’s efficiency. The RFID sticker should be placed behind the rearview mirror or on the front windshield for cars or horizontally on the motor’s front left side, especially near the headlight. 

This placement allows the machines to scan it simply and prevents the sticker from obscuring your vision. Follow the instructions below to avoid the LTO RFID Sticker violation.

  • Using a clean towel, wipe the area where you need to place the sticker. For your cars, it’s preferable if the front windshield isn’t tinted or has sun-blocking film on it.
  • Remove the holographic coating from the paper lining carefully and delicately. Place the hologram label in the area using your finger, slide your finger around to make sure that it is secure. Remove any bubbles that have formed.
  • Once your sticker has been attached, please do not attempt to remove it. It will be destroyed if you do so. Avoid getting the sticker wet for the first 24 hours to guarantee that the stickiness securely adheres.
  • Lastly, the RFID sticker incorporates a delicate chip with your vehicle’s identity. So, folding or scratching it will destroy the codes, rendering the RFID sticker worthless. Bear in mind is that you should double-check the sticker’s position; you don’t want to put it in the wrong direction and make it useless.

What Happens If I Lost My LTO RFID Sticker?

As we all know, the LTO RFID sticker validity has been verified since December 1, 2020. This means everyone must have their stickers always be displayed on the vehicle. 

You can submit an LTO RFID sticker replacement form if you accidentally damage or lose your sticker. All you have to do is bring an Affidavit of Loss/Dilapidation and the LTO RFID sticker replacement fee


RFID technology has grown in popularity in recent years. Since the LTO RFID Sticker implementation, the government’s workload has been effectively diminished, and security has also improved.We hope that you can learn more about the LTO RFID Sticker meaning, its benefits, and the proper LTO RFID sticker installation with this article.

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