Driving School In Cavite – Reviews Of Driving Schools For New Drivers

Driving School In Cavite – Reviews Of Driving Schools For New Drivers

What is the best driving school in Cavite? If you are looking for the answer, let’s read our review to find out the best one for you!

Nowadays, more and more people desire to learn how to drive is increasing day by day. Thus, the number of driving schools also rises to meet the market demand. However, among many institutes, you may have difficulties choosing the best school.

That is why we are here to give you a helping hand. This article will review the driving school in Cavite one by one. Let’s read our article to find out!

Driving School In Cavite – Review

We will give you a detailed review of four schools in Cavite: Reyes, A1 Driving school, A1C driving school, and Smart Driving school. They are not Tesda Driving School In Cavite but got LTO accredited to prove their teaching quality that meets the standards. These are the list of Driving School checked by Philmotorlaw

Reyes Driving Institute


Starting our first list is Reyes Driving Institute, which is located in 4760 gen. Aguinaldo highway. Despite being smaller compared to other institutes, it is a well-known driving school in Dasmarinas Cavite.

The reason for its success is not only the affordable tuition fee but also enthusiastic instructors and well-planned and detailed orientation.

Reyes Driving Institute

At the moment, they offer you three types of services: driving courses, licensing assistance, and lectures about traffic law and safe driving.


Reyes nearly has the same tuition fee as other gear 1 driving school Cavite prices. Based on the courses you want to study and your preferred time, the price ranges from 2,249 PHP to 3,527 PHP.

They have three classes: regular, executive, and rush courses for driving manual cars, manual AUV, and automatic cars. With the rush courses, you will need to pay a little bit higher than normal classes; however, you will graduate in a short time if you need a driving license soon.

Here is our table about courses and prices for easier follow. Let’s have a look!

Manual car – Regular2,249 Php
Student’s choice – Regular2,699 Php
Manual AUV – Regular2,879 Php
Automatic Car – Regular3,149 Php
Manual Car – Executive3,563 Php
Manual AUV – Executive3,779 Php
Automatic Car – Executive3,887 Php
Manual Car – Rush2,879 Php
Manual AUV – Rush3,149 Php
Automatic Car – Rush3,527 Php
Table of Course fees – Reyes Driving Institute

Pros And Cons

Coming to Reyes Driving Institute, what is waiting for you is a professional working manner. They have the most experienced instructors with enthusiasm to teach you.

Besides, their customer services are excellent. If you have any inquiries, send them a message on their website or social media page, and they will reply in the blink of an eye.

However, their types of cars are quite limited, so you might not feel free to choose your favorite one. However, it seems their benefits outweigh this weakness, and they still become a famous driving school in Dasmariñas Cavite.

A1 Driving School In Molino Bacoor Cavite


With more than 80 branches in the Philippines, it is the oldest driving school in Bacoor Cavite.

If Reyes has limited vehicles for you, coming to A1 driving school in Cavite, what will amaze you is their wide range of cars for learning, from MPVs, SUVs to trucks.

A1 is the oldest driving school in Cavite

You can find this institution almost anywhere in Cavite because it has eight branches there.


The tuition fee ranges from 800Php to 6,400Php based on your courses. Their Car Maintenance 101 costs 800PhP, which is the cheapest, and the most expensive is the Executive Course.

Besides, they have more affordable classes like Training Center Course (2500PhP), Premium course (3,200PhP), and Rush Courses (6,400). The price seems higher than Reyes’s. However, it is understandable because A1 is a huge institute.

But please note that prices do not depend on the time of the study.

Pros And Cons

Many reasons contribute to its being the best driving school in Silang Cavite and a successful driving school in Trece Martires Cavite.

Getting to A1 easy is the very first pros thanks to its spread all over the country. Besides, they have great services with professional teachers.

However, due to their large number of students, you may need to wait for their response longer than usual. Therefore, if you need advice or signing for a course, you should book a schedule with them first.

A1C Driving School in Tanza Cavite and Trias Cavite


A1C is a dominant driving school in General Trias Cavite and Tanza. Many students choose A1C thanks to their quick response and great teaching quality.

Contact A1C driving school for learning how to drive

Most students have reviewed that this institution prioritizes safe driving, so their training syllabus emphasizes minimizing accidents. Thus, it is a great place for learning.


CourseWho should take the courseTuition fee
TutorialNew drivers – Learning how to drive– 03 days (2h/day): Php2,999
– 05 days (2h/day): P4,199
– 07 days (2h/day): P5,399
– 10 days (2h/day): P7,599
– 15 days (2h/day): P10,999
RefresherExperienced Drivers – Already know how to drive– 7 days (1h/day): P2,050
– 9 days (1h/day): P2,799
BeginnerFor Beginners– 10 days (1h/day): P4,199
– 15 days (1h/day) : P5,799
RushMaximum of 2 days– 2 days (2h/day: P1,799
– 1 day (1h/day): P2,499
Door to door serviceTake you from home/office to driving place– 5 hours – P 3,200
– 7 hours – P 4,050
– 10 hours – P5,500
– 15 hours – P7,900
Table of Tuition fee – A1C Driving School

Pros And Cons

They have patient and knowledgeable instructors to teach you with their best manners. And we bet you will like this benefit: there are some time limitless courses.

However they have many branches, but there will be fewer vehicle choices for students in institutions downtown. Moreover, because the learner’s number is high, waiting time is sometimes inevitable. 

Smart Driving School In Imus Cavite


Established in 2008, Smart driving institution has grown big with 76 branches in Metro Manila and other nearby provinces.

Smart driving school has 76 branches.

They have four branches in Cavite with professional instructors and helpful staff.


Regular ManualPhp 2,200
Manual SpecialPhp 3,360
Manual SmartPhp 4,200
Sedan AutomaticPhp 6,000
Toyota InnovaPhp 6,960
Toyota Fortuner/Mitsubishi MonteroPhp 8,160
SedanPhp 6,000
Table of Tuition fee – Smart Driving School

Pros And Cons

Like other huge institutes, due to many students, some classes are crowded, and you need to wait for a long time to be assigned in.

However, once they become their student, you will enjoy extensive courses with knowledgeable instructors.

In A Nutshell

Now we bet you know which one is the best driving school in Cavite for you. When considering, we recommend checking the learning fee and other factors like teaching time, facilities, instructors, etc. If you want to get more featured articles on driving in the Philippines, access to our Feature Category.

That is our review of the four most well-known institutes in Cavite. Which one do you think will suit your demand most? Let’s leave a comment below to share with us!

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