Early Warning Device Price- Every Driver Has To Know

Early Warning Device Price- Every Driver Has To Know

Are you considering the early warning device price to buy the one that suits you best? Check out this post, and you can easily make the right decision.

Have you ever suddenly stopped in isolated places with unpredicted issues such as detonating tires or gas shortages? If yes, you should have a piece of tools for such emergency stops, which is the early warning gadget.

This post will provide enough detailed information about early warning device price and its related standards and regulations. Let’s check it out all in this article.

Early Warning Device: An Overview

What is an Early Warning Device?

1. Early Warning Device Definition

If you are a newbie driver who has just purchased your first car, you might be curious about the early warning system. We will help you clear out everything right now.

As specified by the Philippine Land Transportation Office, the early warning system is basically a precautionary device that offers you a security net in the form of increased visibility, particularly during a crisis discontinuing on the street or highway.

It has a three-sided design and is made of highly reflective plastics. Early alert devices, also known as EWDs, are sold in pairs, one red and one yellow.

2. LTO Guidelines of Car Early Warning Device Distance

Following LTO rules, it would be best if the vehicle far apart from the red device is approximately six meters. Similarly, the distance between the yellow and the red should also be six meters.

With the correct EWD distances, different car users on the street where you unexpectedly discontinue may have ideal visibility. The one in yellow will warn other drivers when a danger ahead happens, while the one in red colour will be a signal to help them slow down.

In addition, the LTO suggests that the distance between highway signs needs to be expanded. Plus, you should follow the suggested plot for every gadget, ranging from 5 10 degrees opposite to the asphalt. The EWD’s distance and angles have to guarantee that their light can be reflected by other vehicles.

Early Warning Device LTO Rules and Penalties

1. Penalty For No Early Warning Device

The Land Transportation Office has imposed punishments for operating a motor in the vehicle (excluding motorcycles) without conveying a couple of crisis early warning device LTO to guarantee consistency. First, LTO early warning device penalty is Php 500. The second LTO violation no early warning device penalty is that your driver’s license has already been revoked before you can show proof that you bought a pair of EWDs.

Finally, if your cars are seized and discovered to lack EWDs, the concerned specialists may not discharge them until you can show the in charge officer a pair of emergency warning gadgets.

2. Early Warning Instructions

As you can see many cases in the street, there are several irresponsible drivers who use either faulty early warning device LTO or fail to comply with the LTO’s specified parameters for an EWD.

Some scumbags do utilize rocks or branches, which are practically useless regarding visibility. According to the rules, an early warning device LTO specs for automobiles must meet all of the following requirements  below:

  • Measurements: The sides of EWD should be about 5 cm wide and 40 cm long.
  • Visibility: When using high shafts, the EWD has to be visible 400 meters away, even in bad weather.
  • Operation and its material: An EWD should arrive in pairs, one red and one yellow, and should be triangular in shape, folding, and constructed of reflectorized plates.
  • Effectiveness: Although the EWD may not be expected to be displayed during the LTO car registration, it will be reviewed if the LTO requests it. All vehicles, except motorcycles and 3-wheeled vehicles, are required to carry a pair of helmets at all times.
  • Where and when: If your vehicle is forced to stop in certain circumstances or forced to stop in a space where standing or leaving is denied, the EWD should be used.

Learn more about traffic law in the Philippines in our Feature Category.

How to buy an Early Warning Device? Price & Products

The early warning device prices can vary based on the requirements of the drivers and the substance they want.  Here are three suggested early warning devices and their prices from high to low:

Early Warning Device EWD with A Red PVC Box

Price: ₱249.00

You can opt for this EWD model with the obligatory sticker if you need to guarantee consistency with LTO guidelines.  The dimensions of EWD are 45.5cm in stature ( counting the stand), 43cm long, and a regular 5 cm in width. These numbers are adequate for an early warning device LTO requirements.

Visibility is excellentHigher price compared to others
Folds up quickly
Heavy duty
EWD (Heavy duty)

2. Early Warning Device by Deflector Amber/ Red

Price: ₱200.00

The Deflector early warning device is one of the highest-rated EWD on Lazada. It is reasonable as this model has an affordable price and high level of visibility, whether it is in light or dark conditions.

EconomicalDamaged easily
Simple to store and fold
Deflector Early Warning Gadget

3. Early Warning Device Reflective Triangle Signage High Degree in Visibility

Price: ₱146

The EWD is a model from Bose Car Accessories that has the lowest price among three products with a special design. Its dimensions are really large compared to others, with a height of 45.5cm (counting the stand), a length of 43cm, and a width of 5cm.

Cheaper priceNot good quality
Simple to store
Early Warning Device Reflective Triangle Signage High Degree in Visibility


The LTO standard early warning device plays an important role in all types of vehicles, aside from tricycles and motorcycles.

Philmotorlaw hopes that the article about Early Warning Device Price provides enough information you need. And now, you know more about the early warning device price, its rules, and specifications. Be careful, be safe and see you in our next post!

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