Don’t Block The Driveway Sign – Is Blocking The Driveway Illegal?

Don’t Block The Driveway Sign – Is Blocking The Driveway Illegal?

Is blocking the driveway sign illegal? This article will help you answer this question of illegal blocking the driveway in the Philippines. So don’t block the driveway sign.

You end up a hard-working day and get into your car to head home. However, things are ruined out in the other direction when you are stuck with a car blocking the driveway at your house entrance. Every time you encounter this problem, some questions might pop into your mind “is it illegal to block a driveway in the Philippines?” or “ What is the penalty of blocking the driveway?”

Philmotorlaw is here to answer your questions. “Is Blocking The Driveway Illegal?”

Don’t Block The Driveway Sign Meaning In The Philippines

If you seek the exact answer to the question” Is it illegal to block the driveway in the Philippines?” then we’ve to tell you that “yes, it is illegal to obstruct the sidewalks and driveways.” This law is regulated in the Republic Act No. 4136. In Metro Manila, the Act is enforced strictly depending on how crowded this area is.

To be more specific, blocking a driveway is the root of the rampant streets in busy cities like Metro Manila. Apart from doubled-parked cars, the streets become heavily stuck due to illegal vendors.

Bong Nebrija is the leader who organized the MMDA traffic operations. According to this law,  if a vehicle is parked illegally on the road and causing an obstruction for the traffic, the state authority will tow them and fine the car owners an amount of money. So don’t block the driveway sign!

The results of this campaign are quite surprising, as there were a total of 6,899 roads in the Philippines cleared from illegal cars and structures in one year.

However, not many people fully understand this law. To help you better understand what actions are illegal and the cost of the penalty, let move to the next part of this article.

Is Sidewalk Parking Illegal In The Philippines?

Of course, you can not block the sidewalk. If the whole car or a part of your car accounts for the sidewalk area is illegal. This behavior means you are obstructing the walker. Besides, your car can be damaged when parking on the sidewalk because of the oncoming traffic.

Is Parking On The Street Illegal In The Philippines?

Street parking is very convenient when you only need to stop your car for a short time. However, you are only allowed to park your car in sidewalk parking. They will charge you a bit of money and a limited parking time of 3 hours. Also, any act of parking on a curb is illegal, especially on large and busy roads.

What You Need To Know About Republic Act No. 4136 In The Philippines

The Republic Act No. 4136 contains rules related to inland transport and traffic laws. In general, you can find information about what is legal or illegal related to driveways in this Act.

Dont block the driveway sign

In section 46, parking is prohibited in some places. Specifically, a driver will violate the law if parked or stopped regardless of attended or unattended, on the highway in these situations:

  • Within an intersection
  • On a crosswalk
  • Within six meters of the intersection of curb lines.
  • Within four meters of the driveway entrance to and fire station.
  • Within four meters of a fire hydrant
  • In front of a private driveway.
  • On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the curb or edge of the highway.
  • At any place where official signs have been erected prohibiting parking.

This Act also regulates that it is prohibited to park a car or vehicle upon and along any sidewalk/path or alley that doesn’t allow traffic.

What Are The Fines And Penalties For Blocking A Driveway?

In this part, we will cover the level of penalty the drivers have to pay when violating this Act.

For an illegal attended car parking, the driver will pay From 200 to 1,000 PHP.

Similar to the above situations, but for unattended vehicles, the drivers are fined from 500 to 2,000 PHP, which is much higher than the fine for attended vehicles. Lastly, the obstruction will receive a fine from Php 150 to Php 1,000.

Don’t Block The Driveway Sign: In A Nutshell

After reading our article on” Don’t block the driveway,” you have known that blocking a driveway is illegal in the Philippines, and the violator must pay an amount fine. Again, please remember that blocking the driveway is bad behavior that makes the heavy traffic become slower and is against the law. Therefore, making penalties is completely reasonable to reduce this bad behavior.

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