Disregarding traffic sign penalty MMDA: How Much Does It Cost?

Disregarding traffic sign penalty MMDA: How Much Does It Cost?

There are many causes of traffic accident situations. One of the most common amongst them is disregarding traffic signs, such as passing red lights, not following the signs and regulations on the road. If you ignore the law, a fine for disregarding traffic sign penalty MMDA may apply, and you are obligated to pay a certain amount of money.

In this article, we will focus on the answer for two issues, disregarding traffic sign penalty 2021 LTO and “How much penalty for disregarding traffic sign?

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Disregarding traffic signs fine MMDA

DTS Violation Meaning

Signs play an important role in driving traffic, helping to avoid traffic jams or reduce accidents. Therefore, following the directions on the signs makes traffic easy and protects your life and others.

Many people still ignore what the sign instructs, and any of the above noncompliant actions would be interpreted as a DTS violation. Briefly, you can understand that this concept refers to all non-compliant activities required by the traffic sign, either intentional or accidental.

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Disregarding Traffic Sign Penalty 2021 MMDA

Here comes the focus part of the topic “LTO disregarding traffic sign”.

Many drivers change lanes when they find the traffic on the road is too crowded. According to the authorities, the above behavior did not comply with the prescribed sign.

In just one year, the above violation rate in the NCR nearly doubled. In 2017, MMDA recorded a total of 91,843 cases of DTS compared with 54,917 in 2016. These statistics reveal that there are problems with the traffic awareness of the Philippines citizens.

Therefore, to overcome the above situation, the government has amended the penalty fee. Specifically, in 2019, you will deal with a fine of up to Php 150,000 for the first three violations, and this number will double for the next time. So you should get to know more tips & advice of Filippino Law to avoid the fines.

LTO Fines and penalties List

Disregarding Traffic Sign Penalty For Other Common Violations In The Philippines

Illegal Convection Currents

This LTO violation disregarding traffic sign usually occurs during rush hour when the driver wants to get home quickly or does not want to get stuck in traffic. In these cases, offenders will be fined about 2000Php and banned from driving for at least two months.

Motorcycle Lane Policy

Motor vehicles passing through the EDSA lead to an increase in other vehicle-related accidents. Therefore, the MMDA traffic enforcement agencies have applied this policy at EDSA, Macapagal Avenue, C-5 Street, CP Garcia Expressway, and Commonwealth Avenue.

Specifically, this policy applies to a wide range of situations, including Breaking the lane, not wearing a helmet, no rearview mirror, wearing slippers or shorts.

Those who violate the above regulations will have to pay a  fine of 500 Php. This penalty will apply to first, 2nd, and 3rd error subjects.

Driving Recklessly

This offense is considered dangerous behavior that can cause accidents for yourself and others. Therefore, the punishment of reckless driving in the Philippines will impose a fine of Php 500 for the first violation. Those who repeat the second time will pay 750 Php, and the driver’s license is suspended.

In third recidivism, the driver’s license will also be stripped with additional disregarding traffic sign fine MMDA of 1000 PHP.

Truck Prohibited

Cargo trucks are banned from certain public routes such as Avenue E, Rodriguez, Taft Avenue, Espana Street at certain times of the day and week. Consequently, a driver who violates the traffic sign will pay 2000Php.

Also, these vehicles are completely prohibited from traveling along EDSA except holidays and Sundays. A fine of 500 Php for the first, second, and third violations.

Car Stalled

This offense is for all vehicles, including vehicle parts. Even worn or dilapidated motor vehicles in Metro Manila are no exception. The disregarding traffic sign fine is 200 Php for the first, second, and third violations.

Unfinished Car In The Restricted Area

In 2017, 11888 record cases of loading and unloading in restricted zones at EDSA. As mentioned above, the “LTO violation fee disregarding traffic sign” in this section was at a very high threshold compared to the per capita income, which is up to 150 Php for the first violation. However, the number of violations hadn’t shown any decrease.

Illegal Parking

A vehicle park is illegal if it stops in a restricted area or a non-parking lot under MMDA Resolution 02-33.

Thus, the act of parking in a public place is a violation of the traffic law. Some typical public places are in front of private lanes, intersections, 5 meters away from intersections, 4 meters from the entrance, 4 meters from fire hydrants, etc.

Illegal parking penalty includes two levels, such as 200Php for not towing the vehicle (applicable to the first, second, and third violations) and 500PhP when towing the vehicle (applicable to the first violation, the first violation). 2, 3 times).

Illegal parking Philippines

Traffic Jam

Congestion means obstructing the free passage of other traffic while loading or unloading passengers. It also includes driving that interferes with other motor vehicles. Hence, a fine of 150Php for the first, second, and third time in these cases.

Code Table Or Color Code Board

Code table scheme is a Unified Vehicle Reduction (UVVRP) program that relies on the last digits of the license plate to limit the use of motor vehicles on public roads. This scheme aims to limit congestion during peak hours. For violations of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd times, the penalty will be 300 Php.

Disregarding Traffic Sign Penalty 2021 MMDA: Wrapping Up

A person’s misbehave affects not only themselves but also involves other innocent pedestrians. Therefore, the violations need to be strictly dealt with and sanctioned clearly.

In short, you must be aware and conform to the law while participating in traffic. Not only that, disregarding traffic sign violation penalty for each violation is extremely expensive. Follow the traffic laws for a better world!.

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