You’ve Lost Your Car Key – Now What? Best Guide On Key Replacement

You’ve Lost Your Car Key – Now What? Best Guide On Key Replacement

You’re burnout due to repeatedly finding your car key. It’s time to quit this trouble. There are a handful of ways to alleviate losing car key situations, as discussed clearly in the next sections. What’s more, well-rounded information about car key replacements is available in today’s blog post. Let’s scroll down!

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How To Avoid Losing Your Car Keys?

More often than not, misplaced or lost car keys will cause serious trouble to you. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars to have the car dealer program your transponder key or replace your key fob constantly. So it’d better resolve this problem. 

If contacting a nearby locksmith for cars is not help much, let’s try some tips: 

Select The Car Key Holder Or Proper Storage Location

It’s pivotal to be as organized as you could when it comes to storing car keys. Notably, you cannot afford to throw all your car keys wherever mindlessly for those who live in an apartment with more than one vehicle. Then, it may take you hours to find your car key. 

Set up a good routine to place your car keys carefully with these tips, you’ll not be irritated whenever you could not find them.

  • Using a key hook in the house’s front door will prevent you from constantly wondering where your keys are. Also, it’s convenient whenever you get out
  • Stop placing your keys randomly, regardless of empty or flat space. It may take you a couple of hours to find them. It’s extremely bothersome if you are in a hurry

Using The Key Finding App

Technology is becoming more and more advanced recently. An evident example is that several modern apps can help you track down the lost or misplaced car keys, smartphones, and even your wallets. Such great apps depend on your geolocation to determine the nearest cell phone tower and find out your key’s address.

Always Look Behind

Conventional wisdom recommends keeping an eye on your car keys, wallet, bags, and anything valuable, regardless of being in restaurants, offices, or a friend’s house. Unfortunately, just a bit of cautiousness will cost you a lot of time and money to handle the consequences and car key replacement.

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Expense For Key Duplication

Car keys are obviously pivotal to access your car. Losing car keys is one the worst that no one wants to face. In such cases, you have to duplicate or replace a new one. Read on to learn more about the typical cost of each type of key replacement. 

Basic Keys For Car Key Duplicate: Ranges From P150 To P600

Most previous model cars still use the primary keys that do not offer security features. For example, their shanks have cuts and grooves that are like a regular house key. However, as simple as they seem, it’s straightforward to duplicate a basic key, which means that its security is shallow. 

How to duplicate key?

A locksmith can do the job without any other equipment aside from their usual machine used to cut and copy other keys.

This type of car key will cost about P150.00 for a locksmith. However, you may spend more if you have the car dealer replace your key about P600.00 or more. The best upside of key replacement from a dealer is that you could get the car’s automaker’s branding.

Transponder Key Duplication Philippines: Ranges From P8k To P12k

After the late 1990s, many manufacturers began placing transponder chips in the plastic head of the car key. These smart chips can emit a distinct signal to the receiver that’s positioned in the car’s ignition. 

Once you have your key placed in the ignition improperly, the immobilizers can not detect the proper signal. Your vehicle won’t start.

The transponder key’s shank could be a basic key or a laser-cut one. Hence, the main difference between them is that the transponder key needs programming to start the car. 

The fundamental transponder key of the olden model Ford F-150 can cost you up to P8,000.00 and an additional P3750.00 for a fob. Yet you can consider buying a locksmith instead because it can save you about P1000.00 to P1500.00 less.

Car key replacements may cost you lots of money

Laser-cut Keys: Range From P7.5k To P12.5k

The laser-cut keys differ from the fundamental keys in several aspects. For illustration, a laser-cut one offers thicker shanks and lesser carved-out grooves. It has another name as a sidewinder key owing to the distinguishable winding cut on its shank.  

Moreover, the specialized key-cutting machines for laser-cut keys are more pricey than the standard tool. The built-in transponder chips are available in the laser-cut keys but still need a locksmith and car dealer programming.  

Switchblade Key: Range From P3k Up To P15k

The switchblade car keys have shanks, and you can fold these shanks into the fob when your keys are not in use. This fob can pop out with only a press on the button. Also, you can buy the key components separately with seeming ease. 

A shank separately could cost from P3,000.00 to P4,000.00. Yet things will turn worse once you lose your switchblade key because you’ll have to buy both the new fob and new key, which cost you from P10,000.00 to P15,000.00. 

Smart Keys: Range From P11k To P20k

A smart key does not resemble the traditional ones for way-way back. Instead, you could insert its fobs in a high-end system or the car’s dashboard. 

Each smart key offers a button that can be pressed to turn on or off the car. Also, these smart keys use rumbling codes in their security’s main form. These codes can be arranged randomly to prevent hackers and thieves from stealing the car. In addition, this system connects directly to the car’s computer. Thus, this computer could figure out and verify the smart keys’ codes to start the engine. 

You had better prepare an amount ranging from P11,000.00 to P20,000.00 while buying this type of key.

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Our Verdicts

All in all, the expense you have to spend for the car key replacement is pretty high. Accordingly, let’s take care of it and get a suitable space to store your car key as carefully as possible. As such, you will not worry much about troubles and the rising cost of car key replacement.

Thank you for reading article on Tips and Advice for car owners in the Philippines.

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