What Is The Best Theoretical Driving Course LTO Price?

What Is The Best Theoretical Driving Course LTO Price?

Nowadays, demands for passing a driving licensee have increased rapidly. Various theoretical driving courses have been launched for beginners, and the LTO course is one of the most prestigious available courses. When it comes to this theoretical driving course in the Philippines, many questions may strike your mind. You may wonder questions such as “What is a theoretical driving LTO course price?” or “How to apply for it?”

Follow our article below to figure out the answer and more detailed information!

What Is A Theoretical Driving Course?

First of all, let’s make out what is a theoretical driving course. From April 2020, any driver who applies for a student permit must take a 15-hour theoretical driving course. The main aim of the course is to make sure each license is given to disciplined individuals and acquire a massive amount of knowledge about established laws and road safety law.

LTO Non-Professional Driver’s License

More About LTO’s Theoretical Driving Course

In the Philippines, the Land Transportation Office, or LTO in short, hold and organize an online theoretical driving course known as LTO’s theoretical driving course. This course includes three sessions that help learners to grasp all knowledge on traffic regulations, and LTO mandated special laws.

You will have two years to complete the course from the registered day. Moreover, it is a requirement that you must finish at least an eight-hour hands-on driving lesson from an LTO accredited driving school.

The LTO accredited driving school also invested a great amount on equipping facilities like traffic lights, road signs, or special making on the payments. Hence, despite struggling with these challenging roads, you can be completely sure about their maneuvering sites and practice essential skills freely.

After an LTO’s driving course, you will achieve amazing traffic knowledge and skills for a very safe trip on the road.

How To Apply For A Non-Professional Driver’s License

If you are looking for detailed instructions on applying for a non-professional driving license, scroll down to have a look at our steps!

LTO Driver’s License Application Requirements

5 steps to apply for this license:

  • Step 1: Apply for a non-professional driver’s license.
    Firstly, you will have to complete a Theoretical Driving Course at any LTO-accredited Driving School. There are some differences between the fee of the Driving School and the LTO branch that you attend. For example, you will have to pay P1,800 at A1 Driving School. However, no matter where you apply, you should still prepare carefully for the test as it comprises three sessions.
  • Step 2: Written exam.
    After you finish this 15-hour course, the driving school will inform you about the next written exam. Once again, make a suitable schedule to revise for a 100-items written test. If you pass the exam, the results are available on the website, and you can gain LTO’s certification required for the Student Permit Application. A printed version is also available in case of an emergency.
  • Step 3: Student Permit Application.
    For student permit application, complete the following information: birth and theoretical driving course certificates, completed application form, and medical. This process only takes about a month; you will be notified whether you are eligible for the next step or not. A P450 medical fee and a P318 student permit are also required.
  • Step 4: 8 Hour Practical Driving Course.
    You must attend an 8-hour practical driving course again and choose to complete this course anywhere you want. One reviewer used to enter Gear 1. Before taking the practical driving course, he had to wait for a month for his Student Permit. The test consists of four parts; each part lasts for two hours.

    You can receive your course complication certificate in your final session. Additionally, you can also ask the driving school to send your result to LTO right after passing the test if you want to access the non-professional driver’s license that day. Fees for these 8 hours of Practical Driving are P7,520 and P700 for extra certificate printing.
  • Step 5: Non-Professional Driver’s License Application.
    In case you would like to process the non-professional driver’s license application the same day, go straight ahead to LTO after finishing step 4. Remember to bring these documents: 8 hours practical driving course certificate, accomplished form, and other documents like step 4. You still have eight more steps to go before officially passing the license. These are:
    • Document Checking
    • Computerized Test’s Payment
    • Public Portal Registration
    • LTMS Exam
    • Photo/Biometrics/Signature
    • Actual Driving Test
    • Driver’s License’s Payment
    • Proclamation

The process will cost you 100 PHP for a computerized exam, 585 PHP for non-professional application, and 250 PHP for the actual driving test. Hence, the total expense may come up to 11,223 PHP and some extra fees. You can check more tips for Filippino drivers in our main category Tips&Advice.

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LTO 15-Hour Theoretical Driving Course Is Free

Anyone who is considering a theoretical driving course LTO should not miss this chance. In detail, access the LTO official website, and you will find their latest post confirming that the 15-hour theoretical driving course is free at every LTO Driver’s Education Centers. Although the course is free, it still ensures the same quality as other courses.

LTO Theoretical Driving Course Is Free

You can easily find a nearby center, as there are many LTO centers for you to pick. If you still wonder about the ‘Theoretical driving course LTO how much?‘ follow the LTO page for more information or check the list of LTO centers below:

List of Drivers Education Centers

Theoretical Driving Course LTO Price: Conclusion

Overall, the theoretical driving course LTO price seems high for many people. However, they have offered many discounts for their LTO basic driving theory test, so what are you waiting for? Let’s access their website and enroll in an LTO accredited theoretical driving course. Philmotorlaw is sure that the theoretical driving course accredited by LTO will not fail your expectations.

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