Affidavit Of Loss Plate Number – Document To Get A Replacement

Affidavit Of Loss Plate Number – Document To Get A Replacement

Losing plate numbers is one of the unforeseen situations, so let’s pocket how to make an affidavit of the loss plate number and submit it to LTO!

You will certainly be embarrassed with many questions running through your head in these uncontrollable circumstances. Don’t panic! While waiting for the replacement, you can still drive your vehicle, but you must have one of the most necessary specific documents, especially the affidavit of the loss plate number

That is what we’re going to discuss here!

Affidavit Of Loss Plate Number Definition

Firstly, this article will give you further information about plate numbers. 

The plate numbers are the official numbers and letters shown on the front and back of a road vehicle. A motorcycle, car, bus, van, or truck, whether public or private, is needed to carry two license plates.

It’s a unique identifier, useful when the vehicle is engaged in accidents, crimes, or other incidents because the owner can be quickly found and identified.

However, there will be times when you face a lost plate number Philippines dilemma. So, you should know what an affidavit of a loss plate number is.

It is a written document declaring the loss of security, describing the plate number and the circumstances of the loss. The affidavit contains all the details regarding the loss, a serial number, or the security’s issue date. 

This document needs to be completed by the Affiant, who might attest under oath of their knowledge of the circumstances of the loss, verifies the truth of the said information. The Affiant is usually the owner of the lost plate number. 

The statement made later means that you will get a letter of indemnity requesting the replacement plate LTO.

Affidavit Of Loss Plate Number Sample


An affidavit of the loss plate is one of the requirements for obtaining a replacement for the loss plate number.

The affidavit format in the Philippines is pretty basic, simple, and straightforward.

They only contain the following information:

1. The Affiant’s full legal name;

2. The Affiant’s date of birth;

3. The Affiant’s address;

4. The date of the loss or the discovery of the loss;

5. Identifying the lost plate number’s details;

6. An explanation of the events surrounding the loss; and

7. The signature, plus the date signed and notarization.


After reading the affidavit of loss plate number LTO format, you still can’t visualize the affidavit template Philippines

Please pay close attention to our sample below to have a better idea. 

How To Use The Affidavit Of Loss Plate Number

After completing the affidavit, print at least two copies of the document. 

The Affiant must also personally appear before a notary public and present at least one current identification document (I.D.). 

That is issued by an official agency bearing the Affiant’s photograph and signature. 

Moreover, the Affiant must swear that the affidavit’s contents are true and sign all affidavit copies. This one will be required to leave one original copy for the notary public’s records.

The last one is to use the document as needed after being notarized.

The Dangers Of Not Make An Affidavit Of Loss Plate Number 

Lost plate number Philippines is a worthy thing to mind by the penalties coming with driving a vehicle without a plate or an improvised plate without any authority.

If you fail to make an affidavit, you may be facing criminal charges without even knowing it because it is being used by others to commit a crime.

Thieves use license plates to commit crimes while masquerading as someone else.

Not only can this cause problems for the lawful owner of the plate, but criminal activities range from reckless driving and fraud to entering.

These activities probably wind up endangering more civilians.

Other Documents Required For The Replacement Of Lost Plate Number Philippines

Any legal transaction necessitates the presentation of documents. Here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need apart from the affidavit:

  • Notarized mutilation
  • PNP-Highway Patrol Group clearance
  • MVIR (Motor Vehicle Inspection Report) completed and authorized C.R. (Certificate Registration)
  • Fees such as the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC) and others Alternatively (Official Receipt)
  • Only for-hire vehicles: Certification from the LTFRB confirming that the claimed lost plate number has not been relinquished.
  • Vehicles used by the company: DTI or a certificate from the company secretary


Anytime an individual, unfortunately, loses a license plate and let report the loss to the LTO office as soon as possible to avoid unexpected situations. 

This article is a detailed and simple guide on swearing an affidavit of a loss plate number to get a replacement as legal documentation.

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